The ultimate guide to styling your LBD

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Everyone needs a little black dress! AKA your LBD, it is a versatile dress-up or dress-down, grab and go item that comes into its own all of the time. It’s the
dress that’s always bang on trend.

Little black dresses first came to the fore in the late 1920s when Coco Chanel took them from their place as standard mourning attire and shone a new light on them on the cover of Vogue – the rest is history! Nowadays, every quality wardrobe is home to a little black dress, providing a stylish solution to your fashion needs and offering the perfect base for all occasions. 

Knowing how to style your LBD for every season doesn’t need to be stressful when you trust our advice – read our guide to get the tips and tricks you need to transform your LBD dress into something that wows everyone and gives you the confidence you need. It’s not too complex when you know how, but follow our pointers to get it right.

Start with colour

LBD dresses are not designed to be drab and dull but to provide a chic and stylish item of clothing that can be teamed with anything that suits the occasion. This means that you should choose a black that is truly midnight black. No faded charcoal will do – you’ll look like you’re in corporate wear at best or that your dress has been through the wash too many times at worst.

If you want to make a statement with your LBD, adding a pop of colour may do the trick. Adding a colourful coat or jacket will enhance your outfit. Take your time choosing colourful accessories – dress down with a funky scarf and trainers or dress up with statement jewellery and coloured heels. The best bit is that any colour will work with black, giving you the scope to show off your true personality in style.

Choose the right jewellery

If you prefer an understated look, picking the right jewellery can help create a sophisticated outfit that doesn’t appear too flashy. There are many great options, from statement earrings to bold necklaces and bracelets, which you can choose depending on your style. 



Gold or silver are perfect companions to little black dresses when you want to look classy. Or, you could select a colourful accessory if you’re relying on your LBD to get you through a first date. Whichever option works best for your needs, make sure that it matches with the rest of your outfit to achieve the look you are working to create.

Perfect your hosiery

Whether you want to wear stockings, tights, or socks with your LBD, picking the right hosiery can help to create the perfect look. If the 60s are your vibe, then a pair of knee-high socks could be perfect. But if you want to opt for something more sophisticated, a lower denier stocking or tight solution may be better. 

With the popularity of trainers with any outfit, low ankle socks and trainers with your little black dress is a look we adore. If you are wearing your LBD to the office party, why not buy some tights with a shimmer to create a festive feel? 

Ultimately, the LBD is a perfect base on which you can add your personality to ensure that your outfit works in every situation.

Think about footwear

Once your hosiery is in place, you must decide what footwear works best to create the ideal finished look. 

Black stilettos are often the shoe of choice for formal or occasion wear as they give an elegant look and help to elongate your form. Block heels are also good if you have opted for a knee-high sock. Or, for thick knit tights, why not add a pair of ankle boots? 



Lighten things up in warmer months with sandals, or make things casual with some on-trend trainers.

Add the ideal bag

Every great outfit needs a carefully selected bag to store all your belongings in and perfect your look. Again, to choose the right bag, you must consider the outfit and pick one that matches all the other elements you have selected. 

Formal occasions call for classic bags, but if you want to create a fun style, picking one that is colourful or eye-catching can enhance your outfit in the right way.

Incorporate some layers

LBDs aren’t just for evening wear or formal occasions; they can also be the perfect daytime outfit if you style them correctly. 

As the colder months draw near, why not take your LBD and layer it with a t-shirt underneath if your dress is sleeveless? Or, add a shirt over the top and tie it in the centre for a fun and flirty style. 

Just as much as you need an LBD, you need a denim jacket and this makes for a perfect pairing. You can also consider incorporating classic knitwear to get a professional look while remaining warm – the choices are endless.

Reuse what you already have

As we become more aware of climate issues and environmentally friendly practices, it’s important to remember that styling your LBD doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy lots of new things. Take the time to look through your shoe and accessory collection, and reuse items that are perfect for layering to help you get the wardrobe you want without being part of the fast fashion cycle.



Given how long we all tend to hold onto our LBDs, and how classically and effortlessly stylish they are, LBDs are great for sustainable fashion. 

Where to get your little black dress

If you don’t own an LBD or want to add a new one to your collection, then why not pick one that is preloved and ready for a new home? At Reliked, we make it our mission to pair you with the most fashion-forward items worn by influencers, giving you style without damaging the planet. Take a look at our dresses, layers and jackets to find the items you’ve been dreaming of.

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