Product Condition & Authenticity

Product Condition

We only sell items that are clean and of a high standard. Every item is checked when it is listed on the site and when an order is packed by our team. If we notice any faults at this stage we will refund you for the item and omit it from the order. Every item is categorised as 'Brand New', 'Like New', 'Pre-Worn' and 'Sold As Seen'.

Condition Description
Brand New
Pre-owned but shows no signs of wear.
Like New
Hardly ever worn or simply tried on, condition is like new.
Shows signs of wear but has been well looked after.
Sold As Seen
Condition is good but has slight flaw(s) as pictured/detailed.

Reliked is a trusted agent on behalf of our private sellers, all of whom are celebrities and well-known influencers. Designer and luxury items for sale on Reliked are genuine designer items as we only accept and sell authentic goods. We get written confirmation from seller that items are authentic with receipts if still retained. We also have experts checking serial numbers and verifying items, using our 25 years of experience.

When necessary we also use a third party independent authenticator which, if requested by the customer, we will charge for. Any item collected by Reliked and deemed to be counterfeit by us or any qualified third party, will either be returned to the owner or destroyed.