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A piece of statement costume jewellery has potent potential. It can transform a simple outfit into something with pizazz. It can add a splash of your own character to your look and can help elevate what you’re wearing into the realm of the truly unique. 

But knowing how to wear statement jewellery can leave you with questions. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to wear your statement jewellery. To give you some inspo, we highlight some of our favourite statement costume jewellery currently available in the UK.

Don’t limit things to just jewellery – there are statement accessories too!

When it comes to making a statement, we encourage you to think a little more broadly than jewellery. Most of this article talks about necklaces, bracelets and bangles, as well as earrings and rings. However, sometimes you can make a statement in a similar way using an accessory like a belt, pair of sunglasses, or even a hat.

This fabulous Quiz white pearl belt will make your jeans and a little black blouse pop. Or catch the eye with this Topshop leopard print belt. Catch more than just rays with these Sunnei grey clear prototipo 1 sunglasses or catch the eye of passers-by with this striking Toukitsou blue velvet Greek fisherman’s hat.

Once you’ve got your statement jewellery and accessories, how do you style them?

Think about your outfit

There are two ways that statement costume jewellery works well to elevate your outfit to the next level. It either fits right in with an elaborate outfit or it does all the talking against a very simple and plain backdrop. Either way, the pieces of statement costume jewellery that you choose should complement your outfit. 

It takes some skill to ensure you don’t overcrowd an outfit with statement pieces, especially if your character isn’t equally exuberant. Most people have more success with creating a cohesive ensemble and adding the statement piece so that it can really stand out. Gold, silver and coloured gemstones, as well as iconic diamonds, all look exceptional when used in this way.

For example, this Karen Millen gold statement flower necklace will look astounding when matched with neutral classics.  

Give your jewellery room

An easy mistake with statement jewellery and accessories is to let them lose their effect amidst hair, necklines and sleeves. Think about how the jewellery will actually sit or hang in practice. A plunging necklace that gets lost in your cleavage would be better placed over a higher neckline, and a statement bracelet will look better with short or mid-length sleeves, as well as poking out from the cuff of a blazer. Check out this gorgeous Roberto Cavalli jade green embellished dome cuff bracelet.

When it comes to earrings, statement jewellery can work well with your hair down as well as up. These Wow silver snowflake drop down earrings by Amy Christophers look incredible nestled amongst long dark hair. But we love the idea of these Ranjana Khan black-brown oversize drop hoop feather embellished earrings with a scruffy up do.

Let one piece have all the room

For some pieces of costume jewellery, they really need to be used alone. That means, if you’re choosing an impressive necklace, forgo the earrings and bracelets. Or, if you’re choosing a remarkably large piece, like these incredible Net-a-Porter Alessandra rich oversize anchor crystal clip-on earrings, then keep everything else low key and don’t wear a necklace at all. 

Dresses love statement jewellery

Dresses pull away from any jewellery and allow it to be showcased beautifully. From transforming a little black dress into something truly unique, to pairing with a cocktail dress for a wedding, statement jewellery always works well with dresses. We love the idea of pairing this Mignonne Gavigan gold chain necklace with a classic navy maxi dress for a really elegant look. 

Think practicalities

We’re the first to bring out our favourite pieces of statement jewellery when the day demands it. But sometimes, statement costume jewellery is not going to work, and could even be a liability!

If you’re sitting at your desk typing then a chunky bracelet can get in the way. Or if you’re going to be holding a baby or small child then they may love or hate what you wear – and you may love or hate them having a little munch on your favourite pendant!

Some statement pieces are more practical though. For example, these Swarovski blue crystal hoop earrings are definitely out to make a statement, but being small hoops they won’t get in the way.  

Statement needn’t be about size

When we think of statement jewellery, we classically think of costume pieces. However, statement jewellery is about anything that stands out from the outfit in its own right. 

You could achieve this by choosing complementary items, such as this wonderful Holzkern façade necklace in walnut and 24k gold plate, along with its matching bracelet and earrings. Or it could even be as simple and affordable as this Primark yellow 14k gold plated cubic zirconia necklace over an everyday white t-shirt with your favourite jeans. 

Don’t forget your makeup

If you’re going out there and making a statement with your jewellery, you also have two routes to choose with your makeup. You can go glitzy with some dazzling sparkle for a captivating night out, or you can keep things relatively simple to again let the jewellery do the talking. 

Have fun

Remember that statement costume jewellery is designed to be fun. It should be out-there and eye-catching and it should make you feel good. Rings, bracelets and bangles are perhaps the easiest pieces to have a lot of fun with. Adorn your cuff or finger and get real pleasure from what you’re wearing. Bangles stack beautifully to create their own statement, up to around six bangles in one hit.

This APM Monaco black on black constellation open cuff bracelet shows just how fun wearing statement jewellery can be. 

Wearing statement jewellery is really enjoyable; just keep these tips in mind so that you feel really confident about your look. Grab your statement jewellery from Reliked.

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