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In case you hadn’t heard, cargo pants are back on trend and have become hugely popular for both men and women. They’re part of the 1990s fashion remix and we love it!

This has left many of us wondering how to style cargo pants to achieve the perfect look without losing shape and the vibrant looks we love. But if you’re having cargo-styling woes then you aren’t on your own – we’ve got the answers you need. 

At Reliked, you can source preloved items from influencers that can help you to create on-trend outfits. If you are keen to dive into the cargo pants trend, this style guide is here to help.

How to style cargo pants for men

Cargo pants for men have been on the back burner for many years with lots of blokes choosing to wear them even when they weren’t strictly in fashion! There’s good reason – they are versatile, comfy and a hybrid blend between stiff jeans and slouchy jerseys. So, realistically, they never fully went out of style before coming back.



However, this has left some men unsure of how to style them now that they are on trend and something to choose for both a night out and doing some jobs in the house. In the past, when deciding what to wear with cargo pants, men have been guilty of some fashion disasters. 

Some of the key ways to style this refreshed look is to pair the cargo pants with smart trainers, checked shirts and even relaxed knitwear and sweaters. It is important to ensure that the items you pair them with don’t clash or drown out the look you are going for. But remember when choosing what to wear with cargo pants, options for men are vast and enable you to be creative.

How to style cargo pants for women

It’s no longer just the guys who are getting all the cargo pant action!

‘Are cargo pants in style?’ is a question that many women have been asking recently, and the simple answer is yes! As we say, this is part of the 1990s fashion reboot but they’ve now got a modern edge.

There are plenty of colours to choose from and they can all be styled to create a simple and casual look. Generally speaking, women’s cargo pants are now slightly more tailored and better fitting than their 1990s counterparts.

Start by taking a fitted t-shirt and add in a bomber jacket or sweatshirt to get the casual but chic style you are looking for. The other great thing about cargo pants for women is that they give you the opportunity to enjoy wearing bright and funky trainers too, helping you to show off your individuality the way you want to.

What tops to wear cargo pants with

The first thing to think about when you are working out what to wear with cargo pants is picking out the right top. Cargo pants are naturally baggy and it makes sense to pair them with a more fitted top to help show off your fabulous physique. Choose loose tops and you run the risk of looking too relaxed rather than stylish.



Men can choose from sleeveless or sleeved t-shirts as a base layer, choosing the level of smartness depending on whether you are looking for a day or night look. Women can take their fitted t-shirts and tuck them in. Another option is to take a larger tee and tie it in the front for a cute look. Alternatively, choose a fitted tank or halter top to create a night time look that pops. 

Pairing a baggy top with cargo pants often leads to a look that is too casual, or even quite messy.

What jacket to wear with cargo pants

Another great part of owning cargo pants is that they can be styled with a number of different jackets to help change up your look. 

Both men and women can opt for bomber jackets, puffer jackets, denim jackets or even shirt-style jackets in whichever pattern or colour suits your individual style and the colour of the cargo pants you are wearing. The rules of pattern mixing can be a bit more relaxed with cargo pants.

Ultimately, when it comes to picking the right jacket you need to be confident and understand that cargo pants can be both dressed up and down depending on your plans and your style goals. 

What shoes to wear with cargo pants

When it comes to learning what to wear with cargo pants ladies, the rule ‘anything goes’ is incredibly true, especially with footwear! From fashion trainers to military boots and high heels to pumps, you can use your shoe choice to elevate your cargos to fit with the mood you are in. 

The same tenets about footwear apply for men who can choose from flatbed sandals to boots and trainers depending on the vibe they want to create. 

The key to success is to pair accessories like shoes to match the occasion, knowing that your cargo pants will follow suit.

Ways to wear cargo pants

With all the advice we’ve shared you should now be confident about how to wear cargo pants and how to create the look you want to achieve. The key to cargo pants style success is to find a look that is comfortable and appealing to you and your needs so that you look good and feel good too! 

With so many influencers and celebrities wearing cargo pants, you are definitely not on your own when you choose to take part in this trend. Take some time to check out our influencer’s preloved items to help you find shoes, jackets and tops to wear with cargo pants and enjoy building your comfy new wardrobe.

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