How to wear trainers with every outfit

How to wear trainers with every outfit

How to wear trainers

Like it or loathe it, wearing
trainers with every outfit is a fashion trend that looks set to stay. We’re personally big fans of trainer styling but it all comes down to knowing how to wear trainers with whatever outfit you choose. 

So here we are with the Reliked guide on how to wear trainers – from white trainers with dresses to chunky trainers with confidence. 

Trainers with everything?

Of course, there’s a time and place for your knee high boots and your stiletto heels, but trainers get a shoe in anytime. If you can’t decide what show to go for, there will be a trainer that is perfect for your outfit. 

The trick, generally, is to avoid sportswear trainers and opt for beautifully clean fashion trainers. They come in all sorts of shapes, colours and styles though, so how do you know which to wear when?

What’s great though is that there is always room for an element of the unexpected with trainer accessorised outfits. You can get away with pairings that wouldn’t normally work with other shoes – and this edginess adds to the look. In many ways, this makes trainers easy to style as you can’t get it wrong, but here are some helpful guidelines to make sure you feel confident.

How to wear black trainers

It’s not so long ago that you would have only reached for black trainers and anything white was positively terrifying. Now, black trainers can feel a little daunting. 



However, black trainers are in and they are the versatile choice, especially if you want to go for the more understated but smarter trainer look. They go with everything. We particularly recommend black leather trainers, or leather effect. Keep them clean with neat laces and you can as easily pair them with your mom jeans as you can with some tight leather trousers.

For bang on trend black trainers, choose ones with white soles. 

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How to wear white trainers with dresses

When it comes to how to wear trainers with a dress, we recommend you swoop right in and pick a pair of classic white low top sneakers. Ensure they are pristine white and in the best condition.

White is a versatile colour that allows your dress to be the star of the show while you get the perfect balance of chic and comfort. Indeed, it’s such a trend that every wedding our team has been to this summer has seen a clutch of flower girls and bridesmaids sporting the trainer and dress look.

For us, white trainers are like black heels – everyone needs a pair. Any length dress works with a trainer pairing. A maxi dress is rounded off nicely with a pair as easily as an above the knee affair. However, if you are petite or have had a dress altered for heels then opt for a short dress and trainer combo. Mid-length dresses work well too.

Our top tip is to think about the socks! If you’re pairing your trainers with a dress then forgo socks altogether or ensure that they are very low cut and matching white. This helps your legs look longer and your ankles more defined – the reason why many people typically reach for heels! 

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How to wear chunky trainers

While cool white low cut trainers are versatile and the safest option if you’re new to wearing trainers, chunky trainers allow you to break the mould and assert your own style.



Chunky trainers work brilliantly with trousers, jeans, shorts and above the knee skirts. Chunky sneakers add some height, but what they really add is statement. You can only pull off this look if you believe in yourself and have the confidence to just go for it. We’ve even seen them paired with trench coats – it’s the confidence and allure of the wearer that makes it chic!

Knowing how to wear chunky trainers is all about choice. You can actively break the style rules of old. Wear those leopard print socks pulled high if you want, go for clashing patterns or colours, all is good here.

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How to wear bright or patterned trainers

Often when you choose to wear trainers with an outfit, it’s about comfort and convenience. As such, you don’t want the trainers to make a statement per se – unless you’re going for a chunky trainer).



However, sometimes you really want the trainers to be the star of the show. If you’ve got some gorgeous trainers in a bright solid colour, or a pair that catches the eye with patterns, then they need room in the outfit to be the centre of attention. 

When wearing bright or patterned trainers, go for a skinny fit leg on your trousers, a short skirt, shorts or short dress. However, make sure that the outfit itself is neutral, allowing the trainers the space to shine.

How to wear sports trainers

Bizarrely, in many ways the hardest trainers to wear are actually proper sports trainers. We all love our perfectly fitting running shoes that see us pavement pound and attend our next pilates class. However, sports trainers are best kept paired with your activewear. 

When not to wear trainers

Trainers have edged their way so firmly into nearly every fashion look that it’s difficult to imagine there being settings and styles where they don’t work. However, steer clear of wearing trainers as business attire, except in particularly relaxed industries. Check event and venue dress codes too as many still say ‘no trainers’, even if they are luxury designer ones. 

Also, trainers tend to wear more quickly than many other types of shoes. Pairing them with any outfit is fine, but only when they are in good nick and perfectly clean. Ensure you’ve always got new looking trainers by choosing preloved from Reliked, and be sure to store your trainers carefully.

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