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You prepare for Christmas with military precision, Easter is somehow easier to manage, but Halloween creeps up on you and shouts “BOO!” in an unabashed monster-like fashion. It demands a costume to wow whatever audience you face. 

So if you need Halloween costumes quickly, what are your options? Here we share some of the best quick Halloween costume ideas that are easy, effective, and definitely not too scary.

1. Using colour cleverly

Costumes are great, and of course, you may want to distinctly be a witch or a pumpkin, but the best quick easy Halloween costumes use what you’ve already got. Grab anything from your wardrobe that’s black, orange, purple and maybe murky green and you can come up with a glam and glorious Halloween outfit without much effort at all.

Indeed, if you’re not a 10 year old ready to be hyped up on the sugar-rush of trick or treating, but instead going to a classy Halloween party, this might be more your thing anyway.

2. Grunt like a zombie

Perhaps the best quick Halloween costumes you can find are zombies. It’s super easy because the focus is on ruining what you’ve got rather than dressing up! Pull together a pre-loved outfit that’s at the end of its life and get to work with scissors, coffee grounds and fake blood. 

Smear the stains on your visible skin too and do a dreadful attempt at your makeup and the job’s done. What’s more, this is the day for your most severely ripped jeans… You could be a zombie office worker or a zombie gym bunny – the choice is yours.

3. Pac Man

Stranger Things has got us going all-out retro for 1980s and 1990s themed ideas. One of our favourite quick and easy Halloween costumes for this year is sure to be the LBD turned Pac Man. 

Whip out your little black dress, take some coloured craft paper, and have fun turning yourself into this favourite retro game.



4. Parisian chic

The best thing about Halloween is that dressing up is just fun. It doesn’t have to be a scary fancy dress outfit to be worn on the night. Instead, you can use Halloween as an opportunity to try a style that’s just a little out of your usual comfort zone. 

Head over to our preloved shop and choose some outfits which make you look like you’re straight off the catwalk. 

5. Fabulous fairies

Nip down to the local toy store and buy yourself some fairy wings (or get crafty at home) and you can use any summer floaty pastel coloured dress to instantly transform yourself into a fairy for a quick Halloween costume. 

Use it as an excuse to create a dreamy hairstyle and add some shimmery lips and eyes, and you’ll have an enchanting look.

6. Superman wannabe

One for the guys is to pull out a stylish luxury suit, add some wire to a red tie, pair it with some blocky glasses and even a superman print tee, and you’ve got an easy Clark Kent look. 

7. Go fruity

Open your wardrobe and spy your brightest most glorious dress, or pick a preloved one from Reliked. Then create a homemade headpiece. Think bright yellow dresses for pineapple, green for kiwis, and red for strawberries. It’s simple, fun and fruity! Pop on some shades to level up your costume with a tropical vibe. 



8. Robots rule

Really left your Halloween costume to the last minute? No problem. Simply grab a big box and adorn it with anything and everything from coat hangers to old CDs to bottle tops. Cut a big hole in the top for your head, arm holes in the side and there you go… you’re now a ready to go robot.

9. Down the rabbit hole

Alice in Wonderland is our answer to quick and easy Halloween costumes. All you really need is a pale blue dress. Add a little white apron from a cut up old white tee. Then use a classic Alice band and there you go! 

Pair it with black slip-ons and you’ve got one of the best but stylish quick Halloween costumes we can think of.  

10. Ghostly ghouls

Let’s be honest, there’s a reason why mum sent you out on Halloween dressed as a ghost. Time caught up, nothing was planned and hey, there’s your bed sheet… well learn from the best if you’re not feeling the love for your outfit and simply cover everything up with a sheet. Cut some eye holes and give us your best “woooo” noises!

11. Released from Hogwarts

Whoever your favourite character is, Halloween costumes with a Harry Potter theme are easy and quick. A basic white blouse or shirt paired with some office wear and even a tank, simply adorned with a striped tie and a stick for a wand – you’re good to go. 

You might get detention for breaking multiple uniform rules but who said you wanted to be the teacher’s pet anyway?

12. Rattle me bones

A DIY skeleton costume is one of the best solutions when you need Halloween costumes quick. Again, raid your wardrobe for everything black – you’re looking for a long-sleeved black top and long black trousers




Now grab yourself some masking tape and stick on strips to make the bone outlines. This is perhaps one of the easiest Halloween costumes we know.

13. Fashion faux pas

Lastly, if you’re a fashion lover who’s an influencer follower, you’ll have the best understanding of what’s in fashion and what’s not. Take a tongue in cheek approach to your Halloween costume and make every fashion ‘mistake’ going. Mix shoes and colours, and get it all wrong. It’ll be the scariest costume you could imagine. 

Have fun with our 13 – unlucky for some – quick Halloween costumes. Need anything to make your costume come together? Check out everything we’ve got in stock at Reliked so that your costume inspo can become a wardrobe favourite once you’ve rolled back home with your loot bag full and the night of tricks behind you. 

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