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Whether the leaves are churning around you in blustery mayhem or a chill has crept in with morning frosts, it’s time to bring out your autumn / winter co-ord outfits. Not sure where to start? We explain how to style co-ords for the best looks, practicality and warmth.

Knowing which outfit to wear during the colder months doesn’t have to be a difficult decision that takes you hours to pick out, especially when you want to maximise the time you get to stay in bed in the chilly mornings! The best solution is a perfectly selected co-ord that shows off your style knowledge, but keeps you feeling comfy and cosy. It’s a way to ensure you’re always feeling your best, even when the weather’s not.

If you love the idea of looking great for all occasions without extensive styling and shopping, then we have the information you need. Learn how to style co-ords with our help and advice, and make your autumn and winter wardrobe fabulous, yet still practical.

Why are co-ords so popular right now?

Just a quick refresher for those who are wondering what a co-ord is anyway – co-ords are that perfect hassle-free set of matching top and bottoms. The top and trousers or skirt are completely matching with the same colour and pattern. There’s no need to think if one item goes with another because they are designed to be worn together, in perfect harmony. A co-ord can be a matching tracksuit set or matching top and skirt, or any combo where the two halves are part of a whole. 

The main reason that co-ords are such a popular choice right now is that they remove all the stress you face when trying to pick out an outfit. We’ve all experienced the stress of trying to put a cute outfit together only to feel like nothing matches. But co-ords are designed to help you avoid this problem and keep you looking great.

The other reason that co-ords are so popular right now is that there are options for every aspect of your life. From the gym or work to relaxing or special occasions; there is a co-ord for all your needs.

Co-ords for work

When picking out your work outfit, choosing a neutral toned co-ord is a great starting point and can help you create a professional and stylish look. Whether you want coordinated knitwear to go with some smart suit trousers or a matching top and skirt co-ord, it’s always good to go for something that screams smart and stylish to show that you are serious about what you do. 

Don’t forget to match your work outfit with some low-key jewellery and pick out a bag and shoe combo that helps to finish off the professional look you are going for. Definitely don’t forget the very original co-ord – the suit!

Co-ords for play

Whether you are enjoying a planned day off or looking forward to a fun and casual weekend, co-ords for your downtime are a great pick. 

If you are staying at home, a luxurious loungewear set can leave you feeling fabulous whilst keeping you snug and comfy. It’s a way of looking put together when you’re just slouching about.

Need to pop out? Rather than changing into a brand new outfit, take a moment to style your loungewear with some of your favourite accessories so that you can dress up your style without compromising on your comfort. Or pop on a two-piece matching playsuit that you can pair with a warm jumper or coat to take you from day to evening.

Gym wear co-ord

Keeping fit and healthy should be an essential part of your weekly regime, but finding gym clothes that show off your figure and support you well can be tough. That’s before you add in looking good too.

First, start by picking out gym clothes designed for your sport of choice and then look for coordinating items that bring your style to the fore. Crop tops and leggings are often the most popular co-ords, but you can also coordinate your gym shoes and sweaters to create an entire look that you are proud of.

Co-ord evening wear

Have you got an important evening event to attend and want to look your absolute best? The key to getting the right co-ord for the evening is to think about how you can show off your wild side and pick out a two-piece set that is stylish, sexy and shows off all your curves. 

Pick out a cropped top and flared trouser look or a bodycon dress and jacket duo to make your evening wear simple but absolutely stylish. If the event is more formal, look for a co-ord set that suits the black or white tie experience and leaves you feeling fabulous. 

Occasion wear co-ords

If you have a special occasion to attend and want to look great all day long, then plenty of occasion wear co-ords would look great on you! Formal dresses with matching jackets, two-piece skirts and tops, and even formal trouser suits are all great choices. 

You have to remember that special occasions can go on all day, so picking out the right co-ord will require you to find something comfy that looks elegant and fitting for the occasion. Again, accessories are a great way to add something special to your look, along with stunning shoes that will easily carry you through the day.

Check out Reliked co-ords

We love the co-ord trend and hope that it’s here to stay. At Reliked, we take pride in sourcing some of the best outfits that are on trend and are preloved from your favourite influences, giving you the chance to achieve the look you want without being part of the fast fashion problem. 

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