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An autumn capsule wardrobe is all about having the staple items needed to keep you looking fabulous, with minimal effort. Your autumn capsule wardrobe needs to carry you through the post-summer days when Indian summer nights allow you to bask in their warmth right through until you are ready to transition into chunky knits and fabulously festive outfits! 

We love a capsule wardrobe because it takes complexity out and puts convenience in. Here we look at the capsule wardrobe you need to transition you from autumn to winter, taking into account the best colours, items, and style. We even provide an autumn capsule wardrobe checklist, so that you won’t forget anything!

The basic premise with an autumn capsule wardrobe is layers. As the days draw in and you feel a nip in the air, you can level up a look simply by knowing which layer to add next, without having to start from scratch. This is the perfect route to a warm autumn capsule wardrobe without being too hot on those lingering summer days. By ensuring that all of the colours in your wardrobe complement each other, you can mix and match the items in your wardrobe with confidence.

So, what should be on your autumn capsule wardrobe checklist?

Autumn capsule wardrobe checklist

Let’s start by discussing the colours for your capsule wardrobe in autumn. Soft colours work exceptionally well, so taupe, beige, salmon, and amongst others, grey, interspersed with bold white and black. Pick your palette and stick to it for the most versatile capsule wardrobe. 


Outerwear needs real focus for an autumn capsule wardrobe. It’s where you can layer up according to the weather and your mood. We recommend the following outerwear items:

  • Denim jacket and/or leather jacket
  • Trench/long coat
  • Blazer

A long coat is a must-have for an autumn wardrobe. Trench coats are ideal. You can use this to manage the misty drizzle of autumn days but also as a layer to keep the chill off if needed. If you get too warm, a trench coat is lightweight and easy to carry.



Denim and leather jackets work well to add a layer and look effortlessly cool. We’d go as far as to say a denim jacket is a capsule wardrobe must-have, perfect for altering a look and adding your own style. Classic blue wash will work with your autumn palette.

A blazer is essential, especially as part of an autumn work capsule wardrobe. It can smarten a look, but also appear casual when needed.

Tops and jumpers

We suggest the following basic layers and jumpers for your autumn capsule wardrobe:

Choose basic base layers such as neutral long-sleeved tops and classic white tees. If you’re aiming for a deep autumn capsule wardrobe, add in darker colours including black and charcoal. If you’d like a little more texture, choose ribbed fabric. Remember, you can always add some autumnal interest with jewellery and scarves.

When you pick your knit, ensure it is light enough to manage cool September evenings under your denim jacket, but warm enough to carry you through to the start of winter. Cashmere blend works well. A half-zip sweater or cardigan works really well and offers the versatility you need.

Bottoms and dresses

There are some essential items for your capsule wardrobe for autumn when it comes to bottoms and dresses:

  • Jeans
  • Faux leather leggings
  • Sweater dress

Vintage wash jeans work perfectly throughout the autumn months and will be the basic item of choice you often reach for. Choose high-quality jeans that will work well. Black jeans also work well in autumn, but you can still reach for your white summer jeans as part of your autumn wardrobe if you wish.



Faux black leather leggings are an excellently versatile item for your autumn wardrobe. They are so easy to dress up or down that we’re sure they will be a must-have in your autumn work capsule wardrobe too. Being a little thicker than standard leggings, they will keep you warm on cooler days as well.

A sweater dress comes into its own in autumn. A classic piece, a sweater dress is an excellent go-to for both casual and smarter occasions.

Footwear, accessories and bags!

When creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s often the footwear, accessories and bags where you can add in some flair and individual style. 

Both practical and stylish, ankle boots are made for autumn before we’re quite ready to reach for our knee-highs. In addition, make sure you have a favourite pair of trainers for everyday use. White is still in, but select a wipe clean option for ease throughout the months ahead. Lastly, a pair of neutral loafers will ensure you’ve always got a way to smarten up your autumn look. 

Add in a useful cross body bag and a tote, as well as scarves and favourite items of jewellery, and you’ll have an autumn capsule wardrobe that you love.

Travel capsule wardrobe for autumn

If you’re looking forward to travelling this autumn, a capsule wardrobe will serve you well. Whether you’re looking forward to leafy walks in the British countryside, or hoping to catch the last of the summer rays, a capsule wardrobe will ensure you don’t over pack. Check the weather before you go and keep things simple, remembering to pop in an umbrella for those unexpected showers, rather than carrying a full coat.

Where to shop for your autumn capsule wardrobe

It can be daunting to start a capsule wardrobe from scratch. While you’ve probably got a few items that can do another season, at Reliked we’re all about enjoying some preloved items so that you’ve got everything you need. 

From bottoms to outerwear, we’ve got everything that you could want. Most of our items are preloved by influencers, so you can be sure that you’ll fill your wardrobe with the most stylish pieces and sought after items. Shop now!

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