Terms of Service

Using Reliked as an Agent to Sell

Reliked(“we”, "our, or “us”) provides Bloggers and Influencers (the “seller”) a complete service to collect, recondition and sell on their behalf the clothing they provide to Reliked.
By applying to join Reliked and using the Service, you agree to and accept these Terms of Service in their entirety. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, you may not use the Service.


The seller authorises Reliked to sell their items on their behalf via the online store www.Reliked.co.uk. You give Reliked permission to use your social media photos to promote these items and for other marketing purposes.

Reliked will act as an agent to sell handbags, accessories, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, homewares and gifts. 

Reliked reserves the right to return any and all items to the owner prior to the expiration of the sales agreement period and for any reason, or donate these if agreed upon by the seller.

As Reliked relies on a prompt turnover of stock the following reduction rates apply on products that have not sold:

 Days Since Unsold Item Was Listed Price Reduction/Action*


ALL ITEMS - 28 days  (4 weeks unsold)


Clothing - Reduced by up to 25%

Beauty - Reduced by up to 50%

ALL ITEMS - 56 days (8 weeks unsold)
Fast Fashion/High St Clothing (RRP less than £145) - Reduced by up to 50%


Beauty - (any remaining Beauty Items added to **Outlet)

*High End/Luxury Items (RRP £150+) will remain on site for as long as the vendor wishes and reduced periodically until sold.



84 days (After 12 wks unsold High St/Fast Fashion will be added to the outlet)


After 9 wks all unsold Beauty items will be checked for Expiry and added to the outlet.


Items will be sold in the Outlet (you won't receive payment for these as they are expired stock).

Unsold outlet items are donated to many Charities including Smart Works, Barnardos and Women's Aid refuge or donated to textile recycling 




*Designer/luxury items (RRP £150+)  After a period of 12 weeks High End/Designer items will be reduced periodically to reflect seasons etc but can be returned to the seller should they so wish.

It will remain the Sellers responsibility to request the item back via Email and a return fee of £8 per item for overheads will be charged.
After a period of 12months unsold items that have not been requested to be returned will be donated to Charity.


Unsold items are donated to many Charities including Smart Works, Barnardos and Women's Aid refuge or donated to textile recycling

Fast Fashion/High Street items that remain unsold for over 13weeks will be sold in the Outlet to help recover overhead costs (you won't receive payment for these as they are expired stock).

The final sale price at the time of purchase is the price applicable to Reliked' price-based commission rates. VAT is chargeable only on the Commission charged by Reliked.


All collected items must be provided to Reliked in excellent condition, be of the highest quality and be “ready to sell.” Any items unfit for sale due to any and all flaws, damage, and/or alterations to the item, will be donated to our local Womens Refuge/Textile Recycling/Barnado's


You, the owner of the item guarantee that you are the true and lawful owner of any and all items consigned to Reliked. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Reliked for any damages arising from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including legal fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to any unlawful ownership. You, the owner understands that Reliked sells the item as an agent and that any excess of the ultimate selling price over the amount recorded on your sales statement is retained by Reliked as commission; you further understand that the title does not at any stage pass to Reliked and remains with you, the owner through out.


Reliked accepts only authentic designer items. You, as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items consigned with Reliked. Any item delivered to  Reliked and deemed to be counterfeit by  Reliked or any qualified third party, will be returned to you or destroyed. If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return.


Reliked reserves the right to determine the final selling price of any and all items, which will be determined by taking the original RRP/ Current Selling/Last Selling price, brand, style, condition and market demand for the item into account.  Reliked will attempt to achieve the highest possible sale price. In cases where you do wish to specify a desired final sale price, the seller can indicate his or her asking price via email. Unless otherwise specifically stated by you, all merchandise, excluding designer/luxury items, is subject to regularly scheduled markdown periods. The final sale price at the time of purchase is the price applicable to  Reliked' price-based commission rates. VAT is payable only on the Commission charged by Reliked.


Reliked will collect your items upon arrangement via WhatsApp message. The seller incurs a £20.00 charge for each collection, which will be deducted from the Seller’s monthly payment. Please ensure that you have packaged your items well so that they are protected and secure whilst in transit.

Reliked cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to items as a result of poor packaging.

Items that are deemed unfit for sale, or have not sold within 91 days (13 weeks), with the exception of designer items, will, without notice, be donated to our local Women's Refuge or sold in our clearance department with all profits going to Charity.

By choosing to sell your items with Reliked you do so at your own risk of loss, damage or theft, in transport or at an alternative storage/pop-up location.


To get an idea of what you will receive for your items, please see the amount you will receive (and the amount that is donated to charity) after the commission, VAT and charity payments are deducted).

VAT Registered? Yes* No

*based on you claiming back the VAT.

The item selling price is the price the item sold for, minus a £2 shipping fee per item that is built into the price. We have increased the prices site wide in order to accommodate this and so your payment amount is not affected.

There is an additional charge £20.00 per collection to cover fuel expenses, this will be deducted from your monthly sales payments.

There are no hidden or other costs: our premium service of verifying your items, steaming them, listing them and sending them to the buyer is fully included.

If there are any changes to our commission, we will pre-notify you of this. Payments are made by bank transfer monthly, within the calendar month following the sale of the items.

Payment for the items will be made to you the following month of the item's sale. You will receive payment per item minus our commission, which is outlined in the following table:

**Reliked commission** Charity Donation **Influencer earnings**

50% (41.67%+VAT) on items under £500.

 40% (33.34%+VAT) on items over £500. 


If you would like, you can donate 100% of your earnings to charity.

You receive 50 - 60%*.

** VAT is payable on the commission charged by Reliked (for sellers who are VAT registered this can be reclaimed).


The seller has the right to revoke authorisations granted to Reliked in these Terms of Service at any time in writing without stating reasons. An email to office@reliked.com constitutes the written form. The cancellation becomes effective upon receipt by Reliked.

In the event that the seller revokes the authorisation given to Reliked to sell their items, Reliked remains the right to continue sell any items that are listed on Reliked that remain unsold for a 13 week period, otherwise you may collect listed items, subject to a £8 surcharge per item that will be paid by you to cover our costs of photography and upload to the website.

Items not yet listed can be collected by the seller imminently upon agreement of a suitable date with Reliked, to be arranged via email.


We comply with the legal requirements when collecting, storing and processing the user’s personal data. Details can be found in our privacy policy.

This Service is operated by Reliked Services Limited, incorporated and registered in England and Wales under company number 11043792 and with registered office at The Pentlands, Hazlemere Road, Penn, Buckinghamshire, HP10 8AD.