A guide to selling your designer clothes & shoes

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Wondering where to sell your designer clothes and shoes? We share the ultimate guide to selling second hand designer items for hassle-free selling.

Selling your second-hand designer clothes is a fantastic way to declutter a crammed wardrobe, create space in your closet for the new season’s fashion trends – and make some cash in the process. If you’re an influencer, you can of course do that here at Reliked. For everyone else, it can still be a really worthwhile process and you can even have some fun in the process.

Cashing in on your old clothing and shoes will also extend the life cycle of the garment and will reduce its carbon footprint. This makes selling your clothes an easy way to lead a more sustainable life.

If you’ve got a cupboard filled with garments that you no longer wear but don’t know the best places to sell second-hand designer clothes, then read on. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to selling designer clothes and shoes. We tell you where to sell and why, and give you the insight you need to make the best choices for hassle-free, money-making selling.

Vestiaire Collective – for high-end pre-loved designer fashion

This pre-loved clothing website is a fast and easy way to sell designer clothes and shoes. You simply download the app onto your smartphone, snap a photo of the garment looking its best and upload a description. Vestiaire Collective even checks every garment to verify its authenticity and quality before shipping it out, to protect both sellers and buyers.

The site focuses on high-end fashion, featuring designer clothing from Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Prada and many other top labels.

As the seller, you’ll receive up to 80% of the final purchase price in exchange for access to a global community of luxury fashion shoppers. That might seem like Vestiaire takes a big cut, and relatively speaking they do. But you’re paying for their help and assistance. Put in the effort with descriptions and you should do ok.

Vinted – For easy, hassle-free selling

The reason we love Vinted so much is that it’s so easy for novice sellers to get started. They provide a step-by-step guide to selling to ensure a successful experience. From adding an item to the site to ensuring payment hits your Vinted account. If you’re inexperienced then it’s a pretty good starting point.

If you want to get your item noticed, the site allows you to promote your garment to more prospective buyers with a ‘Wardrobe Spotlight’. It cost £6.95 to feature but will give your clothing a bump up the listings and increase the chance of making a sale.

The site includes designer clothing from Ralph Lauren, Guess, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, amongst others. Plus, it allows users to swap second-hand wardrobe items so you can upgrade your wardrobe by trading with other like-minded fashionistas.

Dotte – sell your kids outgrown designer clothes

Kids grow fast. As soon as you purchase a wardrobe full of clothes, they have already grown out of them.

Often, the items have hardly been worn – especially if it was a garment purchased for a special occasion – and it makes sense to sell it on for another child to love while making some money. This only really works with designer clothes, but as long as your child’s items are designer and in excellent condition, then Dotte will help you make the most of the original purchase.

Dotte specialises in selling clothing for babies through to pre-teens. It features popular kids’ labels, including Billieblush, Chloe Kids, Monnalisa and Fendi Kids.

Sustainability features heavily on the agenda with Dotte – as a kid’s clothing seller they are all about creating a better planet for the little ones who wear their clothes. The site charges a commission of 15% per transaction, so you’ll get 85% of the purchase price.

Sign Of The Times – the best place to sell designer shoes

From a pair of Manolo Blahnik killer stilettoes to Louis Vuitton sandals, if you want to sell designer shoes then Sign Of The Times is the place to sell luxury footwear in London.

Sign Of The Times charges a 20% commission on items sold and pays either by bank transfer or website credits – handy if you spot a pair of Burberry heels that you simply MUST own!

If selling online is not your thing, Sign Of The Times also has a store in Elystan Street, London (the nearest tube station is Sloane Square). Here you can drop off your items without an appointment and let the team do the selling for you. The firm even offers home collections within a 15-mile radius of their Ascot-based store if you’ve had a big clear out and have more than 20 items to sell.

eBay – the mother of all selling sites

It’s the largest selling site of them all – and while it’s not dedicated to selling second-hand designer clothes, there is a luxury brands section within eBay where you can sell pre-loved Gucci, Valentino and Balenciaga clothing and many more top names.

Commission on eBay is 12.8% – plus a fixed charge of 30p per transaction, which makes it a competitive way to sell designer clothes in the UK. Indeed, if you simply want to dabble and make the best cut, then eBay may be the best starting place for you. But expect to do ALL the legwork.

Sell second-hand clothes and feel good

It’s estimated that £140m worth of unwanted clothing is sent to landfill sites across the UK every year. Selling pre-loved designer clothes and shoes helps to reduce the amount of unwanted clothing that is thrown away.  

Shoppers are increasingly looking to support a more sustainable fashion industry and move away from the ‘fast fashion’ trend. If you can do your bit to save the planet – and boost your bank balance at the same time – then we believe that’s a win for everyone.  

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