Styling shorts this summer

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Styling Shorts in Summer


Shorts, shorts, shorts! They are versatile and can be as perfect for a day at the beach as they can be at a wedding (yes, really!). It’s all about choosing the right cut and knowing how to style them. 

We get tonnes of questions about how to style shorts, so we’ve taken a FAQ approach to this article. We answer all the common questions about wearing shorts and impart our pearls of styling wisdom along the way.

What to wear with shorts?

Let’s start with the biggest and broadest question that we’re asked: what to wear with shorts? Sadly, the answer isn’t simple. Once, shorts were solely casual and came in a fairly uniform style. Now, there are lots of different styles – from smart to casual – and what you wear with them is dependent on the style of the shorts, the look that you’re going for, and the occasion.

You can go casual by pairing a plain tee with some shorts. A crisp white round neck works with most shorts for a casual look, or you can tuck it in for a smarter look. To take it up another notch, you could choose a long-sleeved striped shirt with a pair of chino shorts for an effortlessly smart look. 

Women’s fashion is so broad and trends come and go, but the good news is that shorts offer an extremely versatile option for all kinds of occasions. You can add your own style with your favourite tops and shoes, depending on the look you’re after. 

Just remember, it’s important to think about the individual shorts you want to wear. For example, knowing what top to wear with high-waisted shorts differs from cycling shorts. We always love a cropped top or tucked in tank with high-waisted shorts, but they might not look as good with cycling shorts.

Dive into our more detailed answers to get more targeted style advice for wearing shorts.

What to wear with white shorts?

White shorts are a summer staple. We especially love pairing classic colours with white shorts. Navy works exceptionally well with white shorts, lending a nautical feel, as do all shades of green. For city chic you can choose red. A look that’s trending this summer is muted salmon pink with white shorts. White shorts act as the canvas, so you can usually take your pick when it comes to the top you choose.

What to wear with leather shorts?

Leather shorts are perfect for a night out or city sightseeing. Pair with a light open-necked blouse in strong primary colours. Avoid white as this can lead to a waitress-vibe – unless of course that’s the look you’re after! A loose fit denim jacket also works very well with leather shorts.



What to wear with denim shorts?

There are so many outfits to wear with denim shorts and so many options. Go for a classic retro cool look with a simple white tee, or black if you prefer. Alternatively, smarten up your look by choosing a patterned sleeveless blouse. A cotton knit works well with denim shorts to layer up on cooler days.

Knowing how to wear black denim shorts is a little different. Black denim usually calls for you to avoid the classic white or black tees. Instead, choose black denim shorts when you want to hit the town and add in a glitzy top with plenty of sparkle. Heels will complete the look.

What to wear with mom jean shorts?

Of course, with the popularity of mom jeans, mom shorts are a hit this summer. With the high waist and wider leg, we recommend bringing in any top at the waist by tucking it in. Alternatively, cropped tops can work. To avoid the worn down mum look, opt for a slightly smarter top and accessorise with statement jewellery. That said, a checked lumberjack style shirt tied at the waist always looks fabulous.

How to wear biker shorts?

Biker shorts are similar to cycling shorts, but for women they may be a little more cropped. A common question is what to wear with cycling shorts?

This comes down to what are you planning to do. If you’re going to the gym or out for a run, a cropped sports top or bra might be perfect to complete your activewear look. However, cycling shorts aren’t just for the gym, they are bang on trend at the moment for casual to semi-casual wear. Denim shirts look great, as do cropped sweatshirts. A look we love is cycling shorts with a tightly fitting crop top paired with a loose cotton jacket and heeled sandals.



Can you wear a jacket with shorts?

Our answer above brings us onto this – absolutely yes you can wear a jacket with shorts. We (sadly) can’t control the weather, so a jacket helps you to look fabulous in your shorts all year round.

How to wear a polo shirt with shorts?

When you wear a polo shirt with shorts, ensure it is crisply ironed and tuck it into high-waisted chinos for a clean look.

Can I wear shorts to a wedding?

Shorts at weddings are bang on trend, indeed party wear shorts are a big thing this season. From short pantsuits to culottes, we expect to see shorts on wedding guests throughout the season. Add in stylish heels and striking accessories to complete the look. Choose a tailored jacket to smarten up your look.

What shoes to wear with shorts?

The shoes you choose to wear with your shorts influence your overall look in a way they don’t with dresses or trousers. Choose heeled sandals as shoes to wear with smart shorts. Ballet pumps and stylish flats move you towards smart-casual.

Yes, you can wear trainers and high tops with shorts for a casual look; just make sure they are pristinely clean. Crocs work with shorts, on kids only, just make sure to ditch the socks!



What shorts to wear under skirts?

Choose cropped biker shorts to wear under skirts to eliminate chub rub or preserve modesty.

Can you wear swim shorts casually?

Yes, you can wear swim shorts casually, but choose high-quality designer ones so that you look the part. Just know how to wear board shorts as clothes – you may want to snip out the mesh liner or go pantless!

Should you think about wearing shorts on a date?

Yes, absolutely, shorts are IN! Rock shorts on your next date and feel as fabulous as you look.



When should you stop wearing shorts?

Style rules of old say you should stop wearing shorts after 40. We say, forget that and wear shorts as long as you feel comfortable! You may find it works best to choose well-tailored shorts and pair them with a loosely fitting floaty blouse cinched at the waist.

What socks do you wear with shorts?

We’re often asked what socks to wear with shorts and sneakers. Gents can go for a full ankle sock or trainer sock, while ladies should consider a low trainer sock or invisible sock. It depends on the shoe. Sandals, of course, usually mean no socks at all!

We’ve got a fabulous array of shorts for you to buy this summer – come and take a look!

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