What Do Fashion Bloggers Do With Their Clothes?

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For fashion influencers, having a large collection of clothing is often unavoidable. It comes with the Instagram territory: sharing daily outfits of the day (#OOTD) can take a lot of preparation, shooting, and outfit planning. But what do they do with all their clothes?

Discover how influencers create, curate, and mix up their wardrobe in this guide...


Fashion Influencers: How Do They Afford All Those Clothes?


For many of the big bloggers and Instagram influencers focusing on fashion, their wardrobes grow very quickly - but how do they afford it? Well, while they may purchase a few items themselves, many influencers receive gifted items for free, in return for promoting the pieces on their social media channels.

In fact, fashion brands such as Boohoo, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing rely on influencers accepting free items from them, as a way of promoting their latest collections and ranges.

So influencers can find themselves with large wardrobes very quickly - on top of their own existing wardrobe, and any items they buy themselves, they have to juggle all of the gifted items that fashion brands give to them as payment for promoting them!


What Do Fashion Influencers Do With Their Clothes?


Many fashion influencers actually find it very difficult to organise all their clothes - especially when they are receiving new pieces every week!

At , our aim is to give all these unwanted, unworn, and pre-loved clothes a new life. We work with some of the biggest influencers in the UK to help them clear their wardrobes, and sell their pieces on our website at a great discount.

So in short: when fashion influencers have too many clothes, they sell them through Reliked!


Where To Buy Influencer Fashion in the UK

If you're looking to style yourself out like a fashion influencer, Reliked is the place to shop. Every item on our site comes from a fashion influencer or celebrity who would like to sell on their item, as well as donate at least 5% of each sale to charity.

Some of the top style influencers we have on our site include:

      If you're looking to shop for Instagram-worthy items, make sure to check out our New In section, as well as Luxury FashionBeauty and Homewares.


      How to Become a Fashion Influencer

      If you're looking to become a fashion influencer yourself, here are a few great tips to do so:

      1. Define your style and what you stand for
      2. Share your outfits and thoughts on Instagram or a blog
      3. Post consistently and frequently on your chosen platform
      4. Follow similar accounts and engage with influencers you love following
      5. Be selective with what you wear, how you style yourself, and which brands you work with
      6. Go for sustainable fashion where possible - it's in right now!
      7. Sell any unwanted items through Reliked - apply to join here

      Remember, fashion influencing takes a lot of work, styling, and positivity. It's a whole new industry, and even becoming a microinfluencer is a big achievement! Plus, if you share anything you've got from Reliked, make sure to tag us Reliked use the hashtag #WearTheirWardrobe!

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