9 up-and-coming fashion & beauty influencers to follow

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If you want to hone your makeup skills or understand the latest fashion trends, then we’ve rounded up some of the best up-and-coming content creators in the fashion and beauty world that you need to be following. These incredible influencers have a wonderful way of sharing their experiences and helping us follow in their footsteps.

The Reliked team always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to noticing the up-and-coming beauty enthusiasts and fashion experts that are set to take Insta by storm. We like to pick out the on-the-rise individuals who are really starting to gain strong followings for all the right reasons.

So, if you’re searching for some inspirational up-and-coming fashion and beauty influencers to feature in your social media newsfeed, here’s who you need to be following – from emerging stars to those with an established following already:

1. Zeena Shah: @heartzeena


With almost 75k followers on Instagram, Zeena Shah combines her day job as an art director with her passion for fashion with a technicolour look into bright, rainbow-themed fashion. Her fashion account has kickstarted the hashtag #instarainbowchallenge where she asks her followers to share colourful fashion photos to paint Insta with all the colours of the rainbow.

For too long we’ve shied away from colour, so it’s refreshing to see it used with aplomb. Yes, you really can tell she’s an art director and we love how her confidence rubs off on her audience.

Zeena also has an interior design following with a more modest 21.5k followers – so hit the like button now and steal her style before everyone else does!

2. Tasha Green: @tashaggreen


 Tasha Green was born and raised in London and regularly partners with fashion brands, including Very. She currently has 62k followers on Insta – and we predict that the numbers are about to skyrocket thanks to her chatty YouTube videos and her honest and open outlook on her life. You get a whole-person insight into who sits behind the fashion.

The best reason to follow Tasha? She finds some of the most Instagrammable locations in London and combines them with some inspirational fashion tips and makeup advice. If you want to know how you could look out and about, then this one's for you.

3. Miquela Sousa: @lilmiquela


In a world where CGI rules, not every fashion influencer needs to be human! Miquela is a fashion influencer designed by Sara DeCou and Trevor McFedries who regularly collaborates with Calvin Klein. It’s an unusual concept if you’re new to it, but an interesting one nonetheless.

CGI influencers are opening up a new world of fashion possibilities, where the latest trends can be explored and discussed in a virtual world. Get ahead of the curve and hit the like button on this upcoming social media sensation.

4. Louise Roe: @louiseroe


Fashion sensation Louisa Roe is growing a devoted following online, as she shares aspects of her life on her Insta page. For those who want an influencer they can follow during a similar stage of life, at a time when fashion and beauty often takes second place to the demands of a tiny human, then Louisa Roe will strike a chord.

Mums-to-be should follow her for pregnancy fashion advice as she embarks on her journey into parenthood, and everyone else can gain beauty inspo and gush over the cute family snaps from this up-and-coming fashion influencer. If nothing else, it’s a chance to carve out some much-needed me-time.

5. Howey Don: @howeydon


 Howey is a rising star in the men’s fashion world. He was born in Nigeria, but now resides in beautiful Scotland and works with influential fashion brands like Louis Vuitton. We love his imagery and his take on the world.

He has recently been named as one of Scotland’s most influential fashionistas in the Best of Scotland awards and has been affiliated with the Scottish government in a bid to promote the importance of getting the coronavirus vaccine.  Get ahead of the curve and check out Howey’s growing Instagram page. 

6. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: @jessicaoutofthecloset


For lovers of vintage or retro style, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a rising star that will get you hitting the ‘like’ button. Each time you look, you’ll find yourself scrolling for more.

Her channel is a feast of vintage fashion inspiration – and we love her inclusive style as she also champions a life living with deafness and is a passionate advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s real and it’s insightful, and in the fashion and beauty world, that’s a much appreciated trait.

Her fashion style is quirky and fun – and her Insta feed is also punctuated with fabulous snaps of her wife and adorable baby son.

7. Michelle Wong: @LabMuffinBeautyScience 


 Michelle Wong isn’t just another beauty influencer with a pretty face – she has a PhD in supramolecular chemistry and educates her rising number of followers on skincare and sun lotions.

If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between UVA and UVB rays – Michelle gives you the deets. She also explains the science behind what happens when we apply certain beauty products to our skin.

If you’re looking to get more from your beauty routine and want to understand the science behind skincare – get following this rising social media superstar.

8. Yuliya Oleynykova: @yuliya.oleynykova


London-based Yuliya is a beauty influencer who was born and raised in Russia. She is passionate about boosting the body confidence of her followers.

We love how Yuliya – who is a qualified makeup artist – speaks to the average woman and keeps it real with beauty tips that are easy to emulate and take up very little time.

Her videos include the ultimate guide to making your lips look fuller and how to cover open pores for a flawless complexion. 

9. Naima: @thesassylondonista



Naima provides her audience with luxury makeup looks and is a rising star who has recently collaborated with the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Jimmy Choo.

Naima is an extraordinary makeup artist whose beauty tips cover topics as diverse as Tom Ford lipsticks to advice on reducing the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy.

We also recommend following @theblushworks which is Naima’s online magazine of all things beauty and fashion related.


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