Top 10 UK Influencers & Their Dogs!

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We love following our friends and favourite influencers on Instagram, but what about their furry friends? Yes that's right, one of the biggest trends we love to see on Instagram is influencers showing off their pet dogs - from tiny Chihuahuas to larger-than-life Irish Setters!

In this list, we've compiled the best UK influencers and their pups, so you get doe-eyed over these animal best friends. (Oh, and style yourself sustainable with these influencers' pre-loved wardrobes on Reliked too!)


Top 10 Influencers & Dogs of Instagram

1. Yanin Namasonthi & Dexter Morgan the Frenchie


Yanin Namasonthi is one of our favourite influencers, and together with her French Bulldog Dexter Morgan, they really steal the show!

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2. Wes Nelson & His King Charles Spaniel


When Wes isn't jet-setting around the world (or starring in Love Island, or skating up a storm on Dancing On Ice) he's taking his King Charles Spaniel out on walks! Don't they look cute together?

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3. Emily Valentine of Stylelobster & Juno The Pug


Emily's sweet, modern style is always a treat to see when scrolling through Instagram, but even more so when her black-and-white pug Juno joins her in shot!

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5. Victoria Valentine Brown & Her Chihuahua


Victoria Brown is a Model, Blogger and Freelance Writer. Her floral style always goes down a charm on Instagram, and even more so when her little white pupper is in shot! Victoria shares her fashion and lifestyle posts to her 30.2k followers on Instagram, shop her fashion collection here 


6. Bea Pascual of Necklace Of Pearl & Her Yorkie


Bea Pascual is a UK Fashion, Beauty and Maternity Blogger. On Instagram, we love her for her dreamy style, and of course her golden-coated Yorkshire Terrier, often spotted dressed in cute ribbons and bows too!

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7. Scarlett London & Ralph The Mini Daschund

Scarlett Dixon is a London based lifestyle, fashion and travel blogger, Instagram Influencer and Youtuber. Alongside her gorgeous fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle, we love following Scarlett for her mini Daschund, Ralph!

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8. Ruby Holley & Raffie The Irish Doodle


What's better than curling up in an armchair and scrolling Instagram? Scrolling onto Ruby Holley's profile and spotting her and Raffie the Irish Doodle doing the same, of course!

Ruby Holley is UK Fashion and Travel Blogger and Youtuber, and her chic style always has us liking her photos!

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9. Ross Worswick & Luna The Blue Staff


Ross rose to reality fame on 'Ex On The beach' before setting up his amazingly successful clothing company 'The Couture Club'. We love following Ross over on Instagram for his style, fitness videos, and of course, pics with his pupper, Luna the Blue Staff!

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10. Lauren Pope & Cookie The French Bulldog


Lauren Pope is a London based Fashion and Beauty Blogger, and Instagram Influencer, as well as the Creator of Hair Rehab London. She is an Instagram sensation with over 1.2 million followers - but we have to admit, our favourite photos of her are always those that feature Cookie the French Bulldog too!

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