9 black style bloggers and fashion influencers to follow

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From some of the top black fashion bloggers to smaller creators who haven’t got that blue tick yet, here are our favourite black style influencers on Instagram.

With the global rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, and frankly not a moment too soon, people all over the world are having the incredibly important conversation about what we can all do to be active allies to black people.

Donating to charities, educating ourselves and others, as well as sharing resources are just some of many ways to support BLM, but equally important is the diversification of our social media feeds.

Following these 9 black male and female fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram scores you major personal style points, whilst simultaneously elevating the voices of black creatives and widening your perspective. From some of the top black fashion bloggers to smaller creators who haven’t got that blue tick yet, this is our list of who’s who in fashion influencing.

1. Alanna Doherty @alannanicolex

Model turned style blogger Alanna Doherty knows plenty about looking your best, but she’s also all about feeling good too. After a negative experience with her body image in her teens, Alanna uses her platform to preach the importance of authenticity and self-love, all while sharing her passion for fashion and the details of her lifestyle. Given the negative effect that social media, and indeed the fashion world, can have on our mental health, this is a hugely important and refreshing approach.

One of many black British fashion bloggers and influencers, Alanna’s feed is bright and bold, with a huge emphasis on patterns, block colours and her eternally gorgeous natural hair.

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2. Amber-Rose Gill @amberrosegill

You may remember Amber from her appearance on the 2019 season of hit British TV series Love Island. Since the show, her platform has exploded, and she now has over 2.6 million Instagram followers, placing her firmly alongside the top black fashion influencers on Instagram.

Amber-Rose can be found posting personal lifestyle, beauty, and skincare content on her Instagram, as well as collaborating with brands. But she hasn’t outgrown her Newcastle roots, and always lets her personality shine through with hilarious Instagram stories and witty captions.

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3. Candace Marie @marie_mag_

Social media consultant and founder of Black In Corporate, described as a ‘resource and tool to champion for Black individuals’, Candace Marie knows a thing or two about the importance of impressions.

An incredibly passionate activist as well as a black fashion blogger, Candace’s Instagram feed is full of gorgeous style and hair inspiration images in which she looks like a goddess. All of this alongside extensive important social commentary in captions, stories, and posts.

4. Yewande Biala @yewandebiala

Another ex-Love Islander, Yewande Biala won the hearts of viewers in 2019 with her gorgeous Dublin accent and her quick wit. She’s since achieved acclaim from many for bravely speaking out against racism on the TV show. She will also be releasing her first book, focusing on racism against black women and entitled RECLAIMING, in 2022.

Yewande’s Instagram, meanwhile, is piled high with a combination of makeup tutorials, stylespo, brand collaborations and important social awareness campaigns. All of this makes her one of the best black fashion bloggers from the UK.

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5. Joel Moore – @moorehisstyle

Describing himself as ‘heterosexually abstinent’ and with an Instagram feed full of fashion that redefines the boundaries of ‘male’ and ‘female’, Joel Moore is a black fashion blogger from New York City. He serves everything from genderqueer stylespo to pure aesthetic perfection (see this photo of the man himself, decked out in flowers). His winning personality and personification of pride (his boyfriend features prominently in his photos) will have you glad you clicked ‘Follow’!

6. Nana Acheampong @styledbynana

London-based celebrity stylist and TV personality Nana Acheampong is without a doubt one of the top black fashion bloggers on Instagram, with an amazing professional life that extends beyond the realm of influencers.

Nana shares it all on her Instagram, which covers everything from lifestyle choices to vacation pictures and, of course, some seriously amazing style, always paired with a huge smile. Nana’s many brand and celebrity collaborations are awe-inspiring, and it’s clear from her profile why she’s such a hit.

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7. Samira Mighty @samiramighty

Our third Love Island girl, Samira Mighty lives up to her surname with her triple threat of beauty, personality, and talent. Not only is she a major fashion inspiration, with a feed full of seriously envy-inducing holidays abroad accompanied by a series of gorgeous bikinis. Samira is also a reality TV star and an incredibly talented professional singer whose career began with musicals and quickly expanded into Celebrity X-Factor territory.

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8. Gabi Fresh @gabifresh

Swimsuits and lingerie, visually stunning ad campaigns and endless positivity. It’s no wonder that black plus size fashion blogger Gabi Fresh is such a hit on Instagram, with over 836,000 followers.

Detroit-born and seriously social-media savvy, Gabi went viral in 2012 for her unapologetic self-love and made Forbes’ Top Influencers list in 2017. Since then, she’s gone from strength to strength, including major brand collaborations, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see the positivity that Gabi spreads across our feeds.

9. Efe Efeturi – @efe.efeturi

A combination of timeless style, perfect picture composition, and endless elegance sets Efe Efeturi apart from many black male fashion bloggers. His luxury brand collaborations, compelling lifestyle content and habit of always looking thoughtfully away from the camera, are a totally winning combination. As are the gorgeous London backgrounds which feature prominently in many of his photos.

Efe himself says it best on his website: ‘there is no age restriction for fashion or style’, and looking at his pictures, we know that’s true!

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