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Sometimes life can change in an instant, and the impact can last a lifetime. The Katie Piper Foundation works with the survivors of severe burns and scars, providing vital support to those whose lives have changed forever. Working together, Reliked and The Katie Piper Foundation want you to feel your best, whatever your story.


About Their Work 

)The Katie Piper Foundation (TKPF) focuses on the journey of rehabilitation, providing ongoing help and support with both wellbeing and physical health. Often survivors have been through incredibly traumatic experiences; they work with survivors to rebuild resilience and develop coping strategies, helping them to think about the life they want to lead and to see the future with optimism and hope.  

In 2019 they opened the UK’s first holistic residential burns Rehabilitation Centre. The Centre takes a tailor-made approach to supporting survivors, developing an individual programme of rehabilitation tailored to their specific needs. This approach means that in just one month they can help survivors to feel fitter, to see improvements to the look and feel of their scars, to boost their confidence and regain their independence.

katie piper with charity team members

The Story Behind the Charity 

A true inspiration to others, Katie established TKPF with an aim to improve the rehabilitation and scar management of burn victims while she was still in the early stages of recovery back in 2009. Katie continues to be incredibly involved in the charity’s work – as a Trustee, speaking up on behalf of people living with burns and scars, and mentoring people who stay at our Rehabilitation Centre. Much of Katie’s work includes donations to the charity, including via Reliked.  

What Your Purchases Mean To Us

In February 2019, friends Amy and Amber came to stay at the Foundation’s Rehabilitation Centre for a month following severe burns caused by an accident on holiday. Amy said, “We’re lucky enough to be able to cover our scars, so I’d forget about them. It wasn’t until I undressed, or I’d see images on social media of girls with perfect bodies that it would trigger me that mine isn’t any more. I went in really nervous and shy about my scars, and left feeling really proud. I found confidence I didn’t know I’d lost – and now I feel like myself again.”

TKPF doesn’t receive any funding from the Government or the NHS. They rely entirely on the goodwill of those who believe in what we’re trying to do: make it easier to live with burns and scars. Visit TKPF website to find out more about their work, and how your purchases via Reliked support survivors of burns, or shop Katie’s Collection now. 

The support the Foundation provides really is life-changing for so many, but at Reliked, we want to help people feel their best, whatever their story. Your purchases, and donations made by our VIBs, enable us to do that.
Thank you.

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