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You’ve swapped your
winter wardrobe for lighter, airier clothes – but have you also considered switching up your beauty routine for a fresh summer makeup look? It’s a seasonal switch that doesn’t just make sense, it’s exciting too. With the heatwave in full swing, it’s definitely time to consider some summer makeup looks. 

If you’re finding your makeup feels heavy or it’s melting from your face in the heat – you are not alone. The good news is that it’s easy to make the switch to a soft, summer makeup look. You just need to know what’s involved in a summery makeup approach and for that, we’ve got you sorted.

Read on to discover how to make makeup last all day in summer – plus some inspo for hitting the beach and summer party makeup looks too.

How to apply makeup in summer

Summer calls for fresh, flawless makeup that looks natural and effortless. Gone are the intense and warming looks of winter. Choose a light foundation, shimmering lips and eyes, and waterproof mascara for a stunning summer makeup look that can withstand humidity and heat. Summer makeup needn’t mean no makeup, but you’ll definitely want to go lighter.

For a minimal summer makeup look, here are our top makeup application tips for beating the summer heat:

  • Prep your skin by cleansing it with your regular cleanser and follow up with a moisturiser with built-in SPF protection. Your summer skin will stay hydrated and protected from harmful UV rays. SPF protection is important all year round but in summer it’s an absolute must-do.
  • Use a primer as a base for your makeup application. Choose one with hydrating properties as this will cool down the skin and stop your carefully applied cosmetics from sliding off your face. When you get hot later in the day, you’ll thank your morning self for spending an extra minute applying primer.
  • Use a light liquid foundation with a matte finish. Matte foundation will reduce shine and stand up to the heat much better than a glossy finish. Opt for light coverage and focus on blemishes and the T-zone rather than a full application over your whole face. Use a brush for application and it will be lighter.
  • Waterproof mascara and eyeliner will be your BFF in the summer months – and are an essential addition to your summer makeup toolkit to prevent ‘panda eyes’ on hot days. 
  • Face powder is a must have to keep your makeup in place. They are great for oil control and to keep your makeup looking fresh – just make sure you only use it where you need it, to keep your makeup from becoming too heavy.
  • Keep eyeshadow to a minimum – as less is definitely more when it comes to summer eye makeup. Use a cream-based eyeshadow rather than a powdered one, as they tend to stay put better on humid days.
  • Finish the look with a slick of clear lip gloss to keep your pout hydrated and natural-looking. Lippy always has its place but in summer, lip gloss is the star of the show.



Setting sprays and mists for summer makeup

If you make only one change to your summer makeup routine – let it be ‘misting’.

A setting spray or mist provides the finishing touch to your makeup application and is an effective final step in a sweat proof summer makeup look. It feels fabulous to apply too, especially on a muggy hot day.

Pop a misting spray into your bag and use it throughout the day to refresh your makeup, cool your skin and boost hydration. Browse our full range of influencer-approved setting sprays designed to seal your makeup and set it in place for the whole day.

What makeup should I wear at the beach?

If you’d rather not hit the beach fresh-faced, there are a few handy hacks you can add to your beach makeup regime:

  • Keep in mind that a trip to the beach usually means your skin is exposed to sun, sand, and salt water, so choose products that contain a high SPF (25 or above). Look for ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera to lock in moisture and form a barrier against pollutants.
  • To keep your lips completely kissable at the beach, use a moisturising lip balm to give your lips some shimmer without drying them out. Reapply regularly and pucker up!
  • Keep things simple and pare down your makeup look, as the last thing you want to worry about is touching up your face when you are soaking up the sun and relaxing. Try applying bronzer and a slick of lip gloss for a minimal beach-ready glow.
  • Take your photos early in the day. However carefully you apply your make-up, there is no magic bullet that can make it completely sea- and sweat-proof. If you want to strike a pose while looking your best, get your Insta-ready images before taking a dip in the sea!



Summer party makeup inspo

Pimms and lemonade, summer weddings and festivals are all the things we love about this season. So, if your diary is fully booked with summer parties and special occasions, you’ll want your makeup to be on point. We’ve rounded up a few of the best summer 2022 party looks to get you started:

  • Blue eyeshadow adds a splash of cool colour to a summer party look. Team with lashings of waterproof black mascara for peepers that truly pop. Blue is your summer eyeshadow go to.
  • Smoky eyes are always bang on-trend. Lighten up the look by swapping deep brown and black for grey and fawn eyeshadow for a summer take on this classic party look if you want something more sultry than blue.
  • Frosted lips were a big thing in the nineties – and the look has been freshened up for Summer 2022 with rose-toned lipsticks that will stay put for far longer than lip gloss. We love this summer look.

Ace the light summer makeup look 

From summer holiday makeup essentials to barely-there foundations that let your natural beauty shine through, our Reliked VIBs are sharing their favourite makeup picks with you. 

With big-name beauty brands such as MAC and Too Faced all at discounted prices, we are here to help you look your best this summer whether you’re partying at a festival or chilling on the beach.

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