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winter skirts are one of the fashion highlights of the colder months. From long winter skirts that keep you snug and cosy on the coldest days to winter mini skirts perfect for a night out, skirts in winter are a versatile way of creating a winter outfit that you’ll love. 

However, women’s winter skirts need a little know-how when it comes to styling – shivering because of a wrong pairing can leave you looking and feeling anything but glam. So, read on to learn how to wear a skirt in the winter.

The number one rule for wearing skirts in winter

Before we crack on with different styles and fashion combos from our influencers to emulate, let’s cover the basic rule of how to wear a skirt in the winter: layering is key. 

Whether you choose a winter midi skirt or a skater skirt, winter skirt outfits are all about layers. Underneath the skirt should be tights or funky long length socks and you’ll keep warm by having various layers on your top half.

Let’s move onto the different winter skirt outfits

How to wear a midi skirt in winter

Skimming your mid-calf, we recommend choosing ankle or mid-length boots with your midi winter skirt. Choose a midi skirt with a small swing and wear close-fitting tailored tops.

How to wear a pleated midi skirt in winter

For the perfect swing, choose a pleated midi skirt. These skirts are excellent for a posh meal out or meeting friends in the bar after work. 

Choose a rich solid colour to accentuate the pleats and pair with a tight plain top and a leather jacket – you’ll have the look everyone’s talking about.

How to wear long skirts in winter

The winter maxi skirt is a staple of your winter wardrobe. Choose a thick material to define the look and keep you snug in the cooler months. They work well with trainers for casual days, but ankle boots get a look in too. 

Long skirts in winter are always in. Avoid a winter maxi skirt that’s too long as it’ll drag along the damp pavement and lead to an uncomfortable and unsightly result.

How to style a mini skirt in winter

Don’t think mini skirts are out just because it’s winter. Winter 2022/23 is seeing a resurgence of the mini skirt. 

Winter mini skirts were a 1990s staple and so it’s no surprise that they are back with a vengeance. Choose thicker tights for warmth and anything from tartan to denim are a go. Wear over-the-knee or long boots to look positively glam.

How to wear a leather skirt in winter

Leather is a fabulous fabric for winter skirts as it’s both warm and mostly waterproof. It’s the easy way to look stylish while being practical. We love a leather pencil skirt for the office, which will also keep you cosy on the commute. 

Your leather pencil skirt will look great with a tight fitting long-sleeved tee in a plain contrasting colour. Heels are perfect here!

How to wear a skater skirt in winter

Skater skirts are hugely versatile and excellent for your winter wardrobe. Choose above the knee jersey skirts paired with trainers (or ice skates!) and a winter knit for a casual look. Alternatively, we love a below knee skater skirt combined with a denim jacket and ankle boots.

How to wear a white skirt in winter

It’s no secret that wearing a white skirt in winter can be a little risky. There’s more chance of dirt from the splash of traffic on the commute or the spill of red wine on a night out. 

But, in the right scenario, a white skirt in winter is splendidly chic. Just choose your occasion wisely! Opt for a pleated midi wrap skirt for a night out with the girls, or choose a white mini and pair with starkly contrasting black tights.

What to wear with a denim skirt in winter

It’s impossible to imagine making it through the winter months without your trusty denim skirt. The denim maxi skirt is back in fashion, or reach for a denim mini or pencil skirt too. 

Working perfectly with the continued trend of crisp white trainers, you can have fun with your top. Choose a chunky knit for the cosiest look or glam up for a night out with a sparkly top.

How to wear a slip skirt in winter

Slip skirts can be a little tricky in winter because they are typically made from lighter fabrics. However, in winter they pair well with warmer tights and are perfect for warmer environments such as the centrally-heated office or the house party with friends. 

Always pick a smart close fitting top, although bubble-hem tops work with slip skirts too.

How to wear a satin skirt in winter

The same issues apply to a satin skirt as a slip skirt, but satin skirts can be the perfect winter outfit choice for a Christmas party, Valentine’s Day or other celebration. 

Choose a midi length and pair it with ankle boots. On the top, contrast the satin style with a large knit sweater. Trendy trench coats work well too.

What shoes to wear with skirts in winter

The rules of skirts plus shoes in winter are completely relaxed at the moment. Whatever shoes take your fancy, you can pair them with a skirt. 

Trainers work fantastically with all skirts, and slinky heels are popular for glamming up your look. Knee length boots are still clinging on, but ankle boots are more this season’s favourite. Midi skirts need a little more thought and you should favour ankle boots here. 

Accessories will complete your skirt styling, from a chunky belt to a cosy scarf.

Get your winter skirts!

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