Winter warmers: styling hats, scarves and gloves

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winter warmers

Love or hate winter, one of its absolute best pleasures is being able to snuggle into a bobble hat and wrap yourself in a chunky knit scarf. Winter outdoor fashion is cosy, fun and heart-warming. But do you know how to style a winter scarf so that you don’t look like a snowman, or how to wear a beanie hat with confidence? That’s what this guide is all about: how to style your winter warmers.

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Winter hats

There’s so much choice when it comes to styles of winter hats it can be a little overwhelming. Let’s break it down.

How to wear a bobble hat or beanie

We love our bobbles and beanies! But we also get that knowing how to wear a beanie hat or bobble hat can leave you a little discombobulated. The good news is that there aren’t any set rules with these hats. 

Sticking up straight, slouching back, all the way back or on snug and tight are all great looks. So, pick what suits your mood or which works best with your face shape. Bobble hats and beanies are your casual go-to hats that are easy to stuff in a handbag, and always make you feel nurtured and warm.

How to wear a winter fedora

Winter fedora hats are usually made of felt and offer one of the smartest styles of winter hats. Fedoras work exceptionally well with long trench-style coats. But they also pair beautifully with a more casual denim look. Pop on some ankle boots and a crossbody bag and you’ll look well put together this winter.

How to wear wide brimmed hats

Wide brimmed hats are still in this winter and are as in place on the dog walk as they are on city streets. Great if there’s a spot of rain, or even some dazzling winter sun, wide brimmed winter hats are stylish and offer a little flair to your winter look. 

How to wear a beret

Berets remain firm favourites among the styles of winter hats. Berets take a little practice to style but trial and error will help you figure out if your face shape better suits a sideways slant, or a symmetrical push-back. Always keep it flat on top and expose nearly all your forehead.

Before you dive into stocking up on winter hats, let’s just answer another of the most common FAQs we get:

How do you wear a hat with long hair?

Wearing a winter hat with long hair works best if you go for a down hairstyle, preventing any unusual shapes under the hat. However, if you want your hair tied back, choose low plaits and braids.

Winter scarves

Wondering how to wear a winter scarf? Read on. 

Knowing how to wear a scarf for winter again means getting your head around different winter scarf styles. Just having some fabric wrapped around instantly adds some warmth to cooler days.

How to wear a chunky knit, woolly or cashmere scarf

The easiest to grab and go, the chunky knit or ribbed scarf is perfect for the coldest days. From loop ties to simple wraparounds, take yourself off to YouTube for the myriad ways you can style this type of scarf. Knowing how to wear big scarves in winter is just about knowing how to grab it off the hooks before you leave the house.

How to wear short scarves

Short scarves are often thicker and heavier than many scarves. They are styled best with a simple cross over under an open collar jacket.

How to wear silk and lightweight scarves

Lightweight scarves still have warming powers! They are perfect for cooler office days. Loosely bunched around the neck and chest is the style of the season or create a loop tie over a classic tee.

Knowing how to wear a scarf for winter is easy – you can’t go wrong. Getting warm? Drape your scarf open around your neck. Got lots of layers? Wrap it close to your neck. Scarves are versatile!

Winter gloves

The last in our winter accessory trio is winter gloves. Glove styles are as diverse as hats and scarves, so again, you can always find the right style to match your look. There are far too many winter glove styles to cover here, but here are some tips for our favourites this winter.

How to wear woollen gloves

Woolly gloves are perfect for dry but cool days. You don’t want to use them in the rain! They work best as a casual look, paired with a matching scarf and even beanie. 

How to wear leather or faux leather gloves

Leather and faux leather gloves are much better for wetter winter days, and they are also excellent for creating a smart cold weather look too. Tailored gloves work well with your smartest office wear as well as with your glam clothes for a night out. 

How to wear mittens

Mittens aren’t just for the kids! They remain a popular choice and work well with chunky knits and denim days. Flip-it gloves (fingerless with the mitten overlay) also offer lots of choice. Great for when you’re trying to get on your ice skates or wrap your hands around a mulled wine, but also great when you’re feeling chilly. 

How to wear long arm gloves

Longer arm gloves are great if your jacket has on-the-wrist sleeves and you easily feel the chill. Pop them on first, before adding your jacket. 

Winter warmers, like hats, scarves and gloves are also an excellent way of reinvigorating your winter wardrobe. They are accessories you can change to swiftly change your look. Grab your winter warmers today and have fun playing with styles.

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