Sexy Halloween Outfit Ideas from Bloggers & Influencers

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We're halfway through Spooktober, which means Halloween is almost here! Have you got your costume sorted yet? Fear not, if you're still looking for the perfect fashion pieces for that Halloween party you're invited to... we've got plenty of outfit inspiration from our favourite bloggers, and you can shop their looks right here as well!

Just like Mean Girls, we've got a mix of sexy outfits and scary outfits to get inspired by... give these influencers a scroll and shop their wardrobes below!

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Gabby Allen: Cat Woman in Glitter


Cat Woman is a classic Halloween character, but Gabby takes it to the next level with her stunning glitter makeup. Get glitzy and glam with your Halloween look by raiding Gabby's wardrobe or checking out our discounted beauty range to compliment whatever costume you'll be wearing this month.

Shop Gabby's wardrobe →


 Alex Emily: Bambi Got Shot

If cute and, well, macabre is your vibe for Halloween this year, take inspiration from Alex Emily's Bambi-inspired look. We love the deer-in-headlights look, and to really vamp it up, go for a few bloody wounds like Alex does here...

Shop Alex's wardrobe →


CC Clarke: Beetlejuice Brights


Want to stand out from the crowd? Follow CC's makeup tutorial for a bold yet twisted Halloween look, combining the classic Beetlejuice stripes with neon brights. We think she looks stunning in this look, making for an original yet playful spooky costume.

Shop CC's wardrobe →


Gallucks: Venom


Who says Halloween isn't a time for guys to get dressed up too? Gallucks pairs his usual street style with Venom-inspired face paint. Go for dark colours and dark face paint for a really standout costume, that doesn't try too hard either.

Shop Gallucks' wardrobe →


Felicity Hayward: Snow White


Snow White is another classic character for Halloween, but Felicity makes it her own with the little help of a brilliant MUA who transforms her into the hand-drawn cartoon character version.

Shop Felicity's wardrobe →


Proudlock: Father Time


There's nothing spookier than a look into the future to see your older self - and Proudlock does this look justice with a little bit of help from prosthetic makeup! However, keeping to his usual style, he adds his trademark jewellery and sense of humour.

Shop Proudlock's wardrobe →


Alexandra Louise: Glitter Bones


If Lady Gaga's skeleton wasn't cool enough, Alexandra makes it her own by adding glitter and jewels to the look. The deep purple hair and makeup make this look spooky but also a little luxurious too.

Shop Alexandra's wardrobe →


Polly Marchant: Ice Queen


Is there anything more sinister yet sexy than the Ice Queen? Polly's look features faux jewels, an "ice" crown, and a fierce smoky eye. The perfect sexy-yet-spooky Halloween combo.

Shop Polly's wardrobe →


Amy Neville: Bunny Ears Are Everything


Mean Girls, move over, as Amy's here to show us all how bunny ears are done for Halloween! Steal Amy's gorgeous style by getting simplistic bunny ears and pairing with lacy lingerie look for a sexier Halloween get-up.

Shop Amy's wardrobe →


Sarah Ashcroft: Red Devil


Sarah makes a splash in red paint with her devil costume - and quips "devils wear contour too!" Get her look, as well as discounted pieces from her label, on the site here.

Shop Sarah's wardrobe →


Sexy fashion for Halloween and beyond

And if that wasn't enough inspiration, take a look at all our blogger wardrobes to discover more sexy outfits, suitable for all year round! Make your Halloween a sustainable one by shopping our influencers' wardrobes, full of second-hand pieces at a fraction of the price, and make sure to tag us when you #WearTheirWardrobe!

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