It's Second Hand September!

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#SecondHandSeptember is here! This month, we’re celebrating second-hand fashion, and how the trendsetting pieces our VIBs are slowing down fast fashion, benefitting charity, and also giving you the opportunity to #WearTheirWardrobe!

Every piece of clothing, pair of shoes, and shiny accessory on ebloggers is second-hand - they come directly from the bloggers and influencers we work with, who may have worn some of the items on our site on their channels. We give new life to fashion and beauty pieces, and our aim is to support the circular economy by reselling all our VIB’s items to you.


Why Buy Second Hand Fashion?

There’s many brilliant reasons why you should buy second-hand fashion:

  • Save money compared to buying new items
  • Find luxury and designer pieces at a reasonable price
  • Reduce the number of clothes going to landfill
  • Extend the lifecycle of pre-loved clothes, accessories, and other items
  • Reduce the demand for cheap and unfair labouR
  • Give money to charity

At Reliked, we’re going a few steps further too. Our collections are curated by some of the world’s biggest influencers, meaning you can style yourself sustainable by wearing their clothes, accessories, and beauty products!

For every item sold, we give between 5% - 100% of the total sale to charity. Our charities include the inspiring Michael Matthew Foundation, Lady Garden Foundation, and some of our influencers have also chosen their own charity partners too.

And when it comes to saving those pennies, you can find our best deals in our Outlet section - get up to 60% off the price tag on brand new pieces!


How to join in with Second Hand September:

If you’re passionate about shopping second-hand, be it for the stylish steals, or the sustainable benefits, we encourage you to join in with Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign this month!

You can pledge to not shop new for the whole of September by signing up on their site, as well as find out about the impact that new clothes has on the planet. Shocking statistics include:

  • Producing one new shirt makes more emissions than driving a car for 35 miles
  • The carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK every second is as big as driving a car from London to the Costa Del Sol and back
  • The carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK every minute is greater than driving a car around the world six times
  • The carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK every hour is as big as driving a car around the world 360 times.
  • The carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK each month is greater than flying a plane around the world 900 times

The carbon footprint of clothes means that carbon emissions are released into the Earth’s atmosphere, causing the climate crisis. Yes, new fashion is harming the planet! That's why we're here, to slow down fast fashion and reduce fashion's impact.


Our Top Picks for Second Hand September:

September is a massive shopping season because of the colder weather. It’s why the September issue for fashion magazines is the most important one! We love to buy new clothes this month, but instead of hitting the high-street, here are our top picks for changing up your wardrobe this month:

Light Jackets

  1. Smooth Faux Fur Coat
  2. Tailored Pinstripe Blazer
  3. Loose Faux Fur Bomber

Transitional Pieces

  1. Short Sleeve Blazer Dress
  2. Knitted Jumpsuit
  3. Belted Blazer Dress

Trench Coats

  1. Lightweight Beige Trench Coat
  2. Mens Khaki Double Breasted Trench Coat
  3. Air-Force Blue Wrap Coat

Rain-Proof Boots

  1. Black Leather Lace Up Boots
  2. Copper Ankle Boots
  3. Faux Snakeskin Boots 

...or shop all of our second-hand collections and make sure to tag us in your posts with @Reliked + #WearTheirWardrobe!

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