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second hand christmas

The season of baubles and parties is soon to be upon us, but the festive season also has a slightly darker side. Without wishing to be the Grinch, we need to realise that the season of mistletoe is also the season of increased waste. We need to take a more sustainable approach to Christmas – and second hand Christmas decorations, gifts, and outfits is the way to go.

Also, as Christmas looms, finding the perfect gifts, accessories, and clothes can seem like an expense you want to avoid, especially when lots of items are made without any regard for the environment. 

Rather than spending your hard-earned cash on items that could ultimately end up in the bin, why not opt for a preloved Christmas, only buying items for resale instead? If this sounds like your type of Christmas, our handy guide is here to help! What’s more, you’ll be bang on trend, as having a second hand Christmas is the way to go in 2022.

Why is a preloved Christmas a great idea?

Choosing to buy preloved items this Christmas comes with many great benefits, including:

  • Helping the environment
  • Saving you some money
  • Getting unique items
  • Supporting individual sellers rather than big faceless chains
  • Reducing fast fashion impact
  • Offering a meaningful gift
  • Getting items from people you admire

Plus, if you love to shop around for gifts, then preloved items are ideal for your shopping fun as you will need to spend extra time finding sellers that have the type of items you want rather than just sticking to the high street! This shows that you’ve really put in the thought and effort, considering the individual you are buying for. 

Second hand Christmas jumpers

Festive knitwear has become a much-loved tradition, with new designs being offered every year. But often these jumpers are worn once and then discarded. That’s an expense that seems unnecessary and it’s also not good for the planet.

If you want to save some cash but still be able to join in, then preloved Christmas jumpers are definitely the way forward! Most Christmas jumpers are worn less than five times each, meaning they are often discarded well before they are at the end of their life. By choosing a preloved jumper, you can enjoy a style that probably won't be on sale in stores, meaning that you will look unique and be able to save an item of clothing from going to the landfill before it needs to!

Second hand Christmas decorations

It's not just clothes that can be purchased second hand either; preloved Christmas decorations are a great idea too! 

Festive stockings, baubles and Christmas ornaments can all be found second hand, meaning that you can create a bespoke Christmas theme without breaking the bank. You will be prolonging the life of the ornaments and baubles too. Many people like to switch up their Christmas colours each year, so all you need to do is look for sellers who have a collection that you like and then bag a bargain. 

You can also pick special items that will become your heirlooms when you head to the home section of Reliked. We often have new and novel décor that can spruce up your home to match the season.

Second hand toys for Christmas

Modern kids have access to many toys and games, making them difficult to buy for in the run up to Christmas, especially when their parents don't have any specific suggestions. Rather than adding to the massive mountain of plastic purchases that are predicted for this year, why not choose a second hand toy gift that will inspire and impress the young people in your life? 

You can often get wooden toys, personalised gifts and even fun and quirky items that you won't find on the high street, helping you achieve something memorable that will be treasured. 

Choose high quality items and they tend to last. What’s more, kids are the easiest to buy second hand for as they have no preconceived ideas of what you should and shouldn’t do for gifts! If it’s fun, they will love it!

Simple tips to support the best purchases

Shopping second hand can be stressful, especially when you aren’t sure when something is a steal or when it should be left on the shelf. To help you out, we’ve shared some top tips to help you shop:

Look for quality items

Picking out a great second hand item doesn't need to be stressful as long as you look for quality. If something is cheap and made from poor quality materials, it will not likely be loved. Take your time to find an item that shouts originality in the best way so that you get something that special someone will love.

Don’t be cheap

When you hear the term preloved, you can be forgiven for assuming it will be cheap, but this isn't necessarily true. Yes, second hand items are often sold at a reduced price, but to get the best gifts, clothes or decorations, you still need to be willing to spend a reasonable amount, or you will end up with bad quality items that look second best, not second hand.

Be proud of your preloved attitude

Finally, once you have found the item you want to buy, don’t be afraid to share your success of preloved shopping with all your friends and family. Taking the time to find something preloved and giving it a new home is something to be proud of, so don’t shy away from sharing!

Find the best items at Reliked

If you are ready to shop second hand this Christmas and need to find quality gifts that will impress your loved ones, head to Reliked and check out our collection. We pride ourselves on being unique because we offer preloved clothing and beauty items once owned by some of the most popular influencers. 

Take a moment to explore our extensive range and know that you are not only purchasing high-quality items but also helping to end fast fashion and the throwaway culture we live in today – you're sure to be impressed by what's on offer! Just don’t forget that preloved outfit for the Christmas party either!

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