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Move over WFH, hybrid working is here to stay. With that comes more office days, more face-to-face meetings with clients and colleagues, and more opportunities to learn to love office style once again.

However, finding great office outfits as a woman can be stressful, especially if you work somewhere where there is no prescribed dress code or uniform to adhere to. Do you go all out with a crisp dark suit, and what exactly is office casual all about?

Rather than investing in a brand new wardrobe just for work, why not mix and match items you have with new, smart pieces to create cute office outfits instead? This works particularly well with the hybrid concept and ensures you’ve always got what you need. 

We’ve brought together some of the best women’s office outfit styles and have shared them to give you the inspiration you are looking for – check them out now!

Smart casual office outfits – dresses with jackets

One of the easiest office outfit ideas is the humble and often underestimated dress. Whether you choose a shift, A-line, tunic or something else, most dresses will give you the smart and chic look you are trying to achieve, especially when you pair it with the right jacket. From smart bomber style jackets to tailored suit jackets, take the time to find a style that enhances your features, helps you to create the persona you want to be in the office, and makes you feel fabulous and confident.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say – if in doubt, choose a dress for office wear. They can look smart or casual simply depending on what others around you are wearing. It’s a good ‘hedging your bets’ option while you figure things out.



Chic office looks – bold trousers with smart tops

If you prefer to wear trousers to work, take the plunge and avoid the same black pair everyone else is wearing! That said, it’s always good to keep a trusted pair of black trousers in your wardrobe – although don’t rely on them too often. But it’s good to have them there as a staple when you need them.

Bold coloured trousers can look both smart and stylish when paired with the right top for easy office outfits and will give you the confidence that will help you get the job done every day. From pinks to greens and beyond, a bold colour is out there with your name on it!

Patterned trousers sometimes have their place in office wear, but it really depends on your working environment. If in doubt, go for an understated pattern and pair with a dark top and blazer for a more professional look.

Office outfit ideas – twinset vibes

Another classic office look for ladies is the twinset! Before you panic that you are growing old before your time, pairing beautiful knitwear with a modern skirt is on trend for a good reason – it looks great in the workplace and is incredibly comfortable to wear! 

Think about choosing a statement skirt to pair with your chosen knitwear, or add in some stylish boots to own the outfit. Make it yours while adhering to the rules set out in your workplace.

Office looks for women – suits with tees

Is one of your favourite office work outfits a suit, but it's too formal for your work environment? 

Don't panic! The great news is that pairing your suit with a more casual t-shirt and trainers can help to create casual work outfits that help you to fit in without having to ditch your favourite look. 

Depending on how casual your office is, you can choose between plain and patterned t-shirts and then smarten it up with an appropriate blouse on more formal days – it’s definitely a win-win!

Easy office outfits – stylish blazers

If you have a casual dress code at work but find that there are times when you need to be able to pull a smart look out of the bag, then a blazer is your best friend! Tailored blazers can pair with virtually all the looks you may choose and can be easily stored on your chair or in your bag when it is not needed. In fact, check out any office coat rack once the office is closed for the night and you’ll find several people leaving a blazer at the office, just in case.

Ideally, you should invest in a tailored blazer in a neutral colour so that it works with all your outfits, but has some interesting buttons or features that adhere to your individual style. This is the easiest way to go from casual to smart in just a few seconds. It’s also there if you want to pop out for post-work drinks at a swanky bar.



Cute office outfits – smart denim

Many women think that denim is a no-go choice when it comes to the workplace, but this is simply not true. Plenty of smart denim jeans will pair brilliantly with shirts and blazers to create the office casual look you want to achieve. Take the time to look for darker, well-fitted options that work well with heels or smart flats. 

It’s important to note that while there is a place for denim at work, you should avoid items that are too casual, baggy or ripped to ensure that you don’t tip over into the too casual look. Also, try to figure out the unwritten rules of your own workplace before you commit to denim!

What to wear to the office

If you are looking for an office outfit for ladies but don't want to play into the fast fashion black hole, then why not pick something preloved by your favourite fashion influencers? At Reliked, we make it our mission to take items no longer needed by influencers and make them available to you so that you can enjoy the latest looks without breaking the bank. 

Check out our latest dresses, trousers, tops and accessories to get the stylish office looks you want to achieve. We’re sure you'll be wowed and inspired to develop your own personal office style and achieve the professional appearance you’ve been working towards.

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