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We think it's safe to say that 2020 is the year of loungewear. With so many of us staying home, comfort is king. And that's even during working hours too - no-one's checking your dress code on a Zoom call! Better to stay cosy, relaxed, and comfy in tracksuits, joggers, and more loungewear pieces than anything else...

Whether you're looking for cheap women's loungewear or men's loungewear, we have plenty of styles to choose from on reliked. We work with hundreds of the best fashion influencers in the UK so we can select the best pre-loved pieces from their wardrobes and share them here for you to discover and shop!

Here's our top picks for loungewear this season, with links to buy from these influencers' pages too...


1. Trackie Bottoms


No matter your gender, style, or lifestyle, everyone deserves a pair of good tracksuit bottoms. They're perfect for staying warm and cosy, sleeping, and of course, working out in too. Here Oliver Proudlock and Emma Louise Connolly show how to do this - both in colourful brights, and plain black!

Shop Proudlock's wardrobe →


2. Cosy Cardigans


If you're looking to wear some skimpy pyjamas or co-ords while lounging around, a cosy cardigan is the perfect garment for layering up. Jess Hunt makes this look flawless, as always!

Shop this set, and more of Jess Hunt's wardrobe here →


3. Colourful Hoodies


Why not get into bright clothes while lounging around? We love seeing bright colours cheer up a long dreary day of WFH or doing nothing much at all... Carms London shows us how to pull of baby pink while sitting out on her high-rise balcony. 

Shop her hoodie and wardrobe here →


4. Printed Hoodies


If bright colours aren't your thing, why not try out a print instead? Brands are launching new styles of loungewear left, right, and centre, including mens styles too. We love this set on Sam Fenton, combining his usual street style with something a little different!

Shop this hoodie and Sam's wardrobe here →


5. Stretchy Basics


If you prefer something more form-fitting, stretchy basics is the loungewear style for you. Think cycle shorts, sports bras, and matching sets all the way! As always, Sarah Ashcroft is leading the way with this style, even adding in a boyfriend shirt for that easy breezy look.

Shop Sarah's pre-loved clothes here →


6. Loungewear For The Family


Loungewear isn't just for the adults! Here at ebloggers we have kids collections too, with loungewear, as well as some fancier clothes as well. Emma McVey shows us how good it is to be home and safe with family right now, in matching loungewear to boot!

Shop pre-loved children's clothes →


Looking For More Loungewear Inspiration?

We have new clothing drops daily, with more pre-loved pieces from influencers launching on the site! Keep an eye on our New In section to be the first to get your hands on new pieces, or shop by influencer so you can get their style. Make sure to tag us @reliked and #WearTheirWardrobe!

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