6 Lockdown Looks As Styled By Influencers

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January is here, and unusually instead of January shopping, we're at home! Yes, we're back in lockdown again, and this time we're all about finding new activities to do, while looking great!

Following the Government issuing guidelines to stay in lockdown over the next couple of weeks, we've been keeping ourselves busy - namely, scrolling Instagram!

Whether you're like us - living vicariously through your favourite influencers - or actually doing some of these activities, it's great to see how people are mixing things up, enjoying their wardrobes, and also staying safe at the same time. Whether you laze around in your pyjamas, or get some exercise outdoors, we hope you'll enjoy this compilation of our favourite lockdown looks, as worn by some of our favourite influencers.

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1. Colourful Loungewear 


Lockdown = loungewear for most of us, and that includes Laura of The Fashion Bug Blog! Our favourite luxury dresser shows us how to enjoy colour while at home, and with her beautiful family around too. We love the purple colours going on here - a little violet and mauve always seems so luxurious!

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2. Luxurious Pyjamas


How does Carms London do lockdown? In her best pyjamas of course! We love this silky set and dressing gown to match. Plus a little fake tan makes it look even better.

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3. Matching Activewear


Feeling like you've got more energy to burn than simply sitting in front of Netflix? We get you. Channel your inner Amber Rose-Gill and get a workout on in your favourite activewear. We love the bright sneakers paired with the matching leggings and crop top.

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4. Cropped Outerwear


If you're not quite ready to bust the exercise mat out just yet, but still want to get some cardio in, why not follow in the footsteps of Sarah Ashcroft? Puffer jackets made a come back late last year, and we love how a cropped puffer looks with a pair of leggings. Plus her tiny dog Nelly makes the whole look even cuter!

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5. Layered Menswear


On the subject of puffer jackets, what about the masculine equivalent? Here Solomon Ian-Sangala shows us how to layer up while still looking suave, in a country jacket and sunglasses.

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6. Dressing Up For The Fun Of It


And finally, if you're feeling at all like Kelly Harrington, you may be reminiscing over the times when you used to dress up with heels, bag, and a full face of makeup! Get yourself a bit glam just for the fun of it, or invite a few friends to join in and have a Zoom party. Let's make the most of it!

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