Influencer Fashion Trends for 2020 & How To Wear Them

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Fashion week is here, and with it comes all the trends for the year! Discover the trends that top fashion influencers are wearing, as well as the hottest runway styles, and how to pull off these looks in this guide.

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Here's a showcase of the top fashion trends for 2020, and how influencers are styling them:


Big Blazers, Cropped Blazers, Belted Blazers...


Yes, the structured staple that is the blazer is here to stay. Blazers are a perfect way to dress up a simple white t-shirt and jeans, or - if you're brave enough - channel Yasmine Chanel and skip the t-shirt altogether! Perfect for dressing up day-wear, or adding a layer of subtelty over a mini dress. Shop our pre-loved blazers here →



Excessive Glamour


Want to look like you just left a film set? Well, now you can, as excessive glamour is in for 2020. For style inspiration, look no further than Laura Wills of The Fashion Bug Blog, who dresses herself and her daughters to the nines every time they step out the house!



High Low Style


The high-low stylings of 2019 continue into this year, and if you haven't got on it yet - what are you waiting for? Mix luxury pieces in with high-street for a unique twist. Jagoda Furtado showcases this perfectly in-between her beauty posts, mixing Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton with Pretty Little Thing and Zara. Shop our luxury items here →



Influencer Collabs


More and more fashion brands are recognising the style and influence of Instagram stars, joining forces to create collab collections. Sara Ashcroft was one of the first to bring out her own collection, and we're seeing more coming this year!



Neon Brights


While many influencers are channeling muted tones, there are a few who really stand out from the crowd. And it looks like neon brights are here for SS20, with many runway shows featuring highlighter limes, oranges, and reds. Flavia Stuttgen shows us how its done with multiple highlighter colours in one look - check her grid for even more bold colour inspiration!


Outfit Repetition


Another trend new in this year is the outfit repeat - forget #OOTD, it's all about #OOOTD (that's Old Outfit Of The Day!) Katie Piper shows us how its done in her black roll-neck jumper, pairing it with leather-look skirts, jeans, and more across her feed.



Rainbow Leather Looks


If you can't quite pull of neon (it's not for everyone) why not try a painted leather-look garment? Emma Worthington aka Swoon Love's red leather skirt really ties her whole outfit together. Go for second-hand leather, vegan leather, or faux, to be really on trend and cruelty-free too.



Sustainable Fashion

And finally... there's one style that's not going anywhere fast - sustainability. And forget the hemp kaftans and rattan skirts: the big fashion houses are adopting more sustainable practices, while continuing their cutting edge designs.

Here at Reliked, we're promoting sustainability by curating pre-loved clothes from top fashion influencers, slowing down fast fashion and donating to charity with every piece sold too. So, what're you waiting for? Take a look through our latest pre-loved pieces here →

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