14 Ways To Style Sheer Tops & Dresses - As Seen On Influencers

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The long-sleeve sheer trend is at an all-time high. Combining the comfort of loungewear and the style of something a little sexier, sheer tops and sheer dresses have been spotted across designer collections and our Instagram feeds alike. But how do you style them?

Whether you have a penchant for 90s club couture, or an eye for tie-dye, this latest "second-skin" trend is versatile and wearable whatever your style. We've compiled the best dressed sheer top and dress looks around, featuring many of our favourite fashion influencers.

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1. Neon Dream Sheer Dress


UK based YouTuber and Instagram Influencer Bethan McCoy is our first pick for sheer dress styling. This neon orange and cerise pink mini dress with matching square heels and eyeliner is a perfect example of how to style this trend and show off a little leg too!


2. Cropped Sheer Top & Baggy Pants


If you prefer sheer tops as opposed to sheer dresses, look to Yasmine Chanel. The London-based Irish Fashion Blogger and Instagram Influencer has a gorgeous, monochromatic wardrobe that accentuates her body and style. Here, she wears a cropped skin-tight sheer top with baggy pants, which gives balance to the overall look.


3. Monochrome Sheer Dress & Neon Accessories


Moving on from a monochromatic top to a monochromatic dress, we love how Sydney Crouch has styled this black and white zebra-print-esque sheer dress. It's both paired back with her plaited hair, and accessorised perfectly with a neon green minibag.


4. Sheer Top With Buckles


If you prefer something a little different, channel Mariam Musa's style and go for a sheer top with buckles or similar accessories. The UK-based Fashion Influencer and YouTuber combines SS21's fashion trends, styling her sheer long-sleeve top with baggy trousers as well!


5. Sheer Top Co-ord


Co-ords have been a constant trend on fashion influencers over the last few years, and Sayan Yildiz updates this now with a sheer tie-dye style set. We love how her texturised hair also complements the ruched fabric!


6. Goth Style Sheer Top


If you have more of an alternative style, Kyden Fire provides the sheer inspiration you've been looking for! As one of our favourite alternative influencers, the Model, YouTuber and Influencer is known for her red hair and alternative styling. Here she pairs a sheer printed top with matching black-and-red mini skirt and fishnet tights.


7. Minimalist Cropped Sheer Top


Switching to something a little different, if you're more of a minimalist, then Jess Hunt's styling of this sheer cropped top is bound to catch your eye! With over a million followers on Instagram, she really is leading the way with her monochromatic styling, and it shows here too.


8. Sheer Mini Dress & Knee High Boots


We also love this baby-bump snap from Amy Neville, and her styling of this sheer dress too! As always, she looks great in a pair of knee-high boots, and puts them to good use with this brown tie-dye dress and high-low accessories.


9. Sky Blue Sheer Maxi Dress


If you want to make a splash with a sheer look, try a sheer maxi dress like Chaly D.N wears here. The Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer and Entrepreneur is known for her similarities to Kim Kardashian, and shows how to make curves work in this sky blue number.


10. Sleeveless Sheer Dress


If you're not feeling the long-sleeve look, but still want to get involved with sheer clothing, try a sleeveless dress like Ellie Brown wears here. We spy another neon handbag too!


11. Printed Sheer Dress With Cut-Outs


If you're looking to amp-up a sheer look, go for a garment with prints, cut-outs, or if you're extra daring, both! Glamour Model Chloe Saxon shows us how to make this look work in this dress, showing off her leg tattoo as well.


12. See-Through Sheer Top


If see-through sheer clothing is more your style, make sure to style your lingerie well too, like CC Mason does here! The L.A.-born Actress, Body Double and Influencer adds a little American glamour with the sleek ponytail and silver skirt too.


13. Backless & Pretty In Pink


While it may not be sheer, we loved this second-skin style pink dress so much that we had to include it! Yasmin De Christie is a UK & Paris based Model and Instagram Influencer and makes this style look so easy to pull off, with matching pink handbag and transparent heels.


14. Sheer T-Shirt


And finally, if you're more of a t-shirt and jeans person, the sheer look can still work for you! Here Sarah Ashcroft shows us how to pair a simple sheer t-shirt with a shoulder bag and a smile. We love it!


Looking For More Sheer Inspiration?

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