11 Ways To Style Crop Tops As Seen On Influencers

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Want to wear a crop top or cropped jumper, but don't know how to style it?
Find out how the leading fashion influencers style their cropped tops in this guide...

Crop tops have made a huge comeback this year, except this time round there's more variation than ever! Whether you're a minimalist with a penchant for beige, or a maximalist looking for bright colours, there's something to suit everyone.

We looked to some of the UK's leading fashion influencers to show us how to style cropped clothing best, and compiled our favourite looks in this guide. Scroll down to have a look and emulate what works for you, your style, and your body type...

1. Matching Crop Top & Co-Ords, As Seen On Gemma Talbot

To kick off our style guide for crop tops, we had to share Gemma Talbot's matchy-matchy lilac outfit - it's gorgeous! The co-ord shirt and shorts go so well with the matching crop top, and lilac always looks good with a tan! If you're looking to wear a crop top this summer, this is the way to go.

2. Cropped Jumper & High-Waisted Trousers, As Seen On Alanna Doherty

Summer is the perfect time to get colourful, and Alanna Doherty's outfit here is right on trend. The cropped jumper is perfect for the UK's patchy weather, while the 80s colour palette and flared trousers still keep things sunny.

3. Crop Top & Suit, As Seen On Andrea Da Silva

For something a little more formal, yet still with an edge, try pairing a crop top with a matching suit. Andrea Da Silva shows us how to do this perfectly, with a little attitude and some sunglasses too!

4. Cropped Top & Jeans, As Seen On Natseleen

If you prefer a more laid-back style, try styling a crop-top and jeans. It's a simple, unbeatable combination, and channel Natseleen's street style with sneakers, sunglasses, and a mini bag too.

5. Crop Top and Crop Skirt, As Seen On Tia Lineker

For something more minimalist - yet daring - try following in Tia Lineker's style footsteps with a matching cropped top and cropped skirt. Accessorise minimally too - a pair of gold earrings and a moody pout work well!

6. Cropped Polo Shirt & Baggy Jeans, As Seen On Grace Surguy

We've covered 80's style, so why not 90's? This look, as seen on mid-size fashion influencer Grace Surguy, is a perfect mix-up. Pair with oversized, baggy blue jeans for an updated take on this traditional outfit.

7. Bralet & Cardigan, As Seen On Mariam Musa

Mariam Musa always looks so polished, and this outfit is no exception. The white jeans and bralet are a perfect choice for summer, while the knit cardigan ties the whole outfit together, giving it a comfy, relaxed vibe. Perfect outfit for a stroll in the sunshine.

8. Bralet & Loungewear, As Seen On Emma McVey

If you're a loungewear bunny, why not try mixing things up with a little bralet or crop top? Emma McVey wears this all-black outfit with black bralet, black jacket, and black joggers, and makes it look so cosy too.

9. White Cropped Vest & Trousers, As Seen On Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose always wears highly covetable outfits, and this vest and trousers combination is the latest reveal. For tailoring-inspired outfits like this one, go for clothes that fit you well, and match with same-colour accessories for a really polished look.

10. Colourful Crop Top & Tie-Dye Jeans, As Seen On Olivia Frost

Jumping from muted tones to bold colours, next up is Olivia Frost and her trademark outfits featuring pops of colour. We love this orange crop top and tie-dye jeans, which look great on their own, and even better with an oversized baseball jacket.

11. Netted Crop Top & Gold Accessories, As Seen On Ferne McCann

If you're looking at styling a uniquely designed crop top, do as Ferne McCann does here and style it simply, with gold accessories and jeans. Plus, with also love Billie Faiers outfit too - the sheer top is *so hot right now*!

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