How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

Besma Whayeb ·

Black Friday is almost here! Have you sorted out what you want to buy yet? Whether you're an impulse buyer, or have a list as long as your arm, shopping on ebloggers means you're doing good! First, with each and every sale, a percentage goes to charity. And second, by shopping second-hand, you're helping to create a more circular economy!

While we have some brilliant discounts and affordable items in our store all year round, Black Friday is definitely one of the best times to shop for heavily discounted items. Here are our top tips for finding the best deals this year, and for years to come:


1. Make A List of What You Want to Buy

When it comes to Black Friday, it's worth preparing a list ahead of time. That way you'll be able to search for those items as soon as the discounts drop, and snap up all the best things before they're gone!

This is especially true on Reliked, where almost every item is one of a kind! We also recommend bookmarking our New In page and returning to it regularly to snap up the best items when they're listed on the site.


2. Follow on Social Media for Exclusive Discounts

Across most Black Friday sales, there will be discounts applied on ranges already - and a few cheeky discounts for loyal followers too! Make sure to follow your favourite brands on social media ahead of time, and check their captions and stories for any extra voucher codes.

You can follow Reliked on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure to keep up with our IG Stories too!


3. Subscribe to Newsletters for Pre-Sale Access (+ More Discounts)

Another place to find discounts, as well as early access to Black Friday sales, is on your favourite stores' newsletters. To subscribe to the popular Reliked newsletter, scroll to the bottom of this page and input your email address!


4. Shop On Just A Few Sites

Another great way to save money across Black Friday weekend is to choose just one or two sites to shop on. This way, you'll save money on delivery costs, and all your items will arrive at the same time - it'll feel like Christmas has come early!

Did you know, Reliked stocks Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics, Beauty Gift Sets, Homewares & Gifts, and Luxury Fashion?


5. Leave A Review for Future Discounts 

Finally, make sure to leave a review every time you shop! Often, brands will send a discount code as little thank you for leaving a review, meaning you'll get an extra % off next time you shop. Happy shopping!

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