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We absolutely love buying pre-loved or vintage clothes. In fact, purchasing second hand clothing is lauded as a responsible way to shop sustainably. Now the beauty industry is starting to catch up on this popular trend by offering second hand makeup kits and pre-owned cosmetics. Indeed, many influencers are leading the way in sharing makeup sets that, for one reason or another, are effectively new, but classed as second hand as they haven’t come straight from the retailer.

If the thought of purchasing previously owned makeup doesn’t sound immediately appealing – don’t stop reading – we’re here to explain how buying second hand makeup kits can save you money, get you some of the most coveted beauty products, and why second hand doesn’t actually mean ‘used’. There’s no trying to convince you to fall in love with someone else’s half-used lippy here!


Does ‘second hand’ mean ‘used’?

In short, no, second hand does not necessarily mean used. 

No one would purchase a half-used lippy – and we wouldn’t expect our discerning beauty fans to even consider this! Our second hand makeup shop is full of branded cosmetics from the big names in cosmetics including Too Faced, MAC and Estee Lauder, which have all been previously provided to the top UK beauty influencers.

Beauty influencers cannot possibly use all the cosmetics they receive, so they pass them onto our beauty fans fully packaged and unused at a reduced price. So, technically they are second hand – but everything is unopened and unused. Additionally, all the influencers we work with are trusted and ethical – so you can feel confident that you’ll receive a top-notch beauty product every time you shop with us. 


The rise of second hand beauty products

Purchasing second hand beauty products is still an idea in its infancy (although we’ve been ahead of the curve for some time, thanks to our collaborations with beauty influencers), but it is now recognised as a fast-growing trend. 

Figures show that 37% of beauty fans are interested in exploring the world of pre-owned makeup and 49% confess that getting better value for money is the main reason they purchase previously owned, unopened cosmetics. It makes so much sense that you have to wonder why the industry has been quite slow to move on this.

Aside from paying less for top products, the interest for pre-owned makeup has increased as we become more environmentally aware. By purchasing second hand makeup, you can make use of a product that might otherwise go to waste – and that’s a big tick in the ‘help to save the planet’ box.


Are there any hygiene concerns with second hand beauty products?

As all the products in our beauty shop are sold packaged and unused, then there are no hygiene concerns. We also ensure all the items we sell are within the expiration date, so there is no compromise on the quality of the makeup you purchase. We take pride in doing lots of checks to ensure you get a product that we ourselves would be happy to use.


The best second hand beauty products

Now we’ve explained the many benefits of purchasing pre-owned cosmetics, you’re probably wondering how to get started – and which products to buy to save money on makeup from the top brands. Here’s our pick of the bunch to help your beauty budget stretch that little bit further:


L’Oréal lip glosses

Keep your lips looking and feeling utterly kissable this winter with one of these pre-owned lip glosses from L’Oréal. Available from just £7 (a saving of 20% on high street prices), each intensely hydrating and non-sticky lip gloss will plump up your lips and leave them slick and shiny all day long.

For more L’Oréal products, shop our full L’Oréal collection.


Estee Lauder primers

For dewy skin and makeup that stays in place from morning until night, a high-quality primer is a makeup bag ‘must have’. It’s an under-rated product tempting us to scrimp on sub-par options. 

Estee Lauder’s Futurist Aqua Brilliance™ Watery Glow primer promises to triple-hydrate the skin and smooth out fine lines ahead of applying makeup. Save 30% when you buy this as a pre-owned product for just £21.50 for a 40 ml tube.

Once this has sold out, browse our collection of other second hand beauty products from Estee Lauder.


MAC mascaras

To add length and definition to your lashes, you need to invest in a high-quality mascara that won’t smudge or clump your lashes together. MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D mascara lifts and conditions your eyelashes and the fine brush tip allows for total control when applying it to the lower lashes.

Save 30% when you buy these lash-defining black mascaras from our second hand beauty shop. We know you’ll keep coming back for more!

Once this has sold out, browse our collection of other second hand beauty products from MAC.


Urban Decay lipsticks

If rich, dark lipsticks are your go-to style, you should check out these decadent colours from Urban Decay. Unleash your inner rock chick with the deep berry-hued Moshpit, or opt for the vivid pink of Twitch. 2022 looks set to be a year where we allow ourselves to love our lippy again, masks or no masks.

Both shades form part of the Vice Lipstick collection, and they are fully loaded with plenty of pigment to deliver a statement pout while keeping your lips hydrated with jojoba and avocado oils. Save a third on the RRP and get hold of your new favourite lipstick for just £10.

Once this has sold out, browse our collection of other second hand beauty products from Urban Decay.


Kiko Milano eyeshadow palette

Containing twelve shades of eyeshadow ranging from nudes and neutrals to dark browns for a smoky, seductive look, this Kiko Milano eyeshadow palette covers all your eye makeup needs. 

From a day at the office to an evening on the town, you can mix and match the colours and finishes to suit your mood. The palette includes metallic, pearly and matte eyeshadows plus a handy mirror so you can touch up your look on the go.

At just £16, this works out at only £1.30 per colour – making this second hand eyeshadow palette incredible value for money.

For more Kiko Milano products, shop our full Kiko Milano collection.


Are you inspired to give second hand makeup a try?

If you are, our shop is a great place to start your second hand beauty journey.  Browse the hundreds of unopened, pre-owned cosmetics available and take advantage of this fast-growing trend. 

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