How to shop second-hand for your children's clothes

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If you’ve never considered shopping for
second-hand kid’s clothes then you’re missing out on a massive range of affordable and unique clothing for your children. It’s a way to boost their wardrobe with the best picks, save pennies for the ever-frequent growth spurts and be eco-conscious in the process.

Second-hand children’s clothing doesn’t necessarily mean the garment has been worn – often the clothing is advertised as brand new with tags and is as pristine as a shop-bought version but at a much better value. Even when the item is without tags and has been worn, it is all about choosing pre-loved high-quality items that have been cared for.

Read on for our Reliked guide to buying pre-loved kid’s clothes.

The benefits of buying pre-loved kid’s clothes

The primary and most-obvious benefit of buying pre-loved kids clothes is that doing so saves you money. Replacing your kids’ clothes as often as they need, not to mention just because you’ve fallen in love with a new outfit, is expensive. But, it’s not just money you are saving when you shop second hand for your little people – you’re also doing your bit for the planet.

All the pre-loved children’s clothes our VIBs share with you are high quality, which means they will last longer than the fast fashion alternatives on the High Street and can be handed down to siblings to enjoy too.

And once your kids have grown out of the garment, you can sell it on again to keep the sustainable cycle going – and make a little extra cash!



Browse for designer bargains

If you are searching for a special outfit for your little one to wear to a wedding or family occasion, you’ll know that designer kid’s clothing is expensive, especially if they are only going to wear it once or twice. Couple that with the fact that children grow out of clothing far too quickly – and you can soon end up spending a small fortune on a garment that is worn only once.

Pre-loved designer kid’s clothes are a fantastic way to ensure your mini fashionista is the best-dressed guest at the party. Grab a designer bargain from luxury children’s clothing brands – including Fendi, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and many more – and enjoy browsing the designer kid’s brands that you may not normally consider because of the price tag.

Shop for ‘staple’ garments that never go out of style

A top tip when shopping for pre-loved kid’s clothes is to choose garments that are gender-neutral and never go out of style. Casual jeans, jackets and jumpers are all wardrobe staples that can be mixed and matched with other items and shared between siblings to create lots of different looks. Having high-quality staple items allows you to play with a theme by adding in extra items from time to time.


Teach teens about budgeting

When they are little, you’re in control of their wardrobe but as they grow, you’ll have a more opinionated soul to contend with! They want the expensive stuff but they are reliant on your purchasing power! Older children want to be seen in the latest fashions but purchasing the named-brand gear they like to wear can be very costly. 

By teaching your teenagers to shop for second hand clothing, you can help them to learn a valuable financial lesson while staying stylish in the designer brands they love. Set them a budget and show them how pre-loved clothing will help them to stretch their funds further and they will soon see the benefits of shopping second hand.

Set aside some serious browsing time

Grab your phone and a coffee, get comfortable and enjoy browsing for a bargain. Some of our happiest times are when we are searching for that perfect children’s outfit, and we stumble across a perfect pre-loved gem! Enjoy the process!

While browsing, keep an eye out for seasonal items and be open-minded about shopping out of season for items you love. Many pre-loved items are one-offs, and when they are gone, they are gone. 

So, if you find the perfect winter coat for your child in the middle of July, purchase it while you can, otherwise, it could end up being the ‘garment that got away’. Just make sure to size-up if it will likely be worn following their next growth spurt!

Gain fashion inspo from our VIB kids

Need a little more inspiration when choosing pre-loved clothing for your little people? Then look no further than the outfits worn by the cute kids of celebrities, influencers, and bloggers:

  • Chester & Primrose are the stylish toddlers shared by model Emma McVey and her Geordie Shore star hubby Gaz Beadle. Choose from a pretty range of classic girls’ dresses and cute boy’s t-shirts, or adorable all-in-one baby grows.
  • Deva & Viggio are the kids of Flavia Stuttgen, one of Insta’s most glamorous family influencers. Browse the sibling’s gorgeous outfits with occasion wear and casual clothing for children aged from 6 to 12 years.
  • Harper Zena is the baby daughter of model and blogger Amy Neville, and her Reliked shop is packed with pre-loved sleepsuits, rompers, pram-suits, and dresses for the lovely little girl in your life. 
  • Ottilie is the stylish daughter of former Made In Chelsea star Tabitha Willett, who has shared her collection of cute pre-loved dresses that are perfect for your own mini followers of fashion.
  • Robbie is the son of Olympic Gold Medal Winner Tom Daley, and if you’re looking for pre-loved boys’ clothing and shoes for your little winner, then there is plenty of choice at Tom and Robbie’s Reliked shop.

As well as fabulous kids’ fashion bargains, by shopping for second-hand children’s wear with us you’ll also be supporting the amazing children’s charity Spread a Smile. The charity supports children with life-limiting conditions during hospital stays to spread joy and laughter at the most challenging of times.

Now you know what to look for, start shopping today at Reliked for the best second hand children’s clothes – we guarantee you’ll find something you and your little people will love.

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