How many clothes do we really need?

Alice Logan ·

It’s time to get dressed but you’re in a pickle. Not knowing what to put on, you’re frantically rummaging through every wardrobe and cupboard to find something that just feels right. Before long, there’s a mini mountain of jeans, shirts, blouses, and dresses piled up on the bed, and you’re no closer to leaving the front door. 

Many of us experience this daily dilemma, but why? The problem lies in the fact that we have just too many clothes. The average Brit buys enough new clothes each year to fill a suitcase (almost double that of an Italian fashionista!), and many of these never even see the light of day. More often than not, we impulsively buy clothes only for them to be stashed in the back of your wardrobe and left without a second thought.

A way out of this is simply to own fewer clothes. With less stuff clogging up your wardrobe, you’ll find it’s easier to get ready in the morning. Not only this, but it’ll save you money, help the environment, might even make you feel happier! 

So, how many clothes do you need exactly? In this post, we look into it and give you some tips on how to cut down on your fast fashion habit. 

It’s not a numbers game 

You might’ve been looking for a solid number here – 5 pairs of shoes, 10 shirts, 8 skirts, and so on. Getting a zen wardrobe isn’t as simple or rigid as that though. How many clothes you have should be based on what you need. Ask yourself if you really need that purple cardigan you haven’t worn in two years, or those shoes hiding under your bed. Instead, hang onto whatever clothes you actually tend to wear regularly. If you can’t see a purpose for an item, then it’s time for you to give it to someone that does. 

The same logic applies when you’re buying new clothes (more deets on how to do this below). When you’re browsing the racks or shopping online, ask yourself how often you’d wear them, and don’t throw any bargain you come across into the basket.  

Tips for smaller wardrobes  

After you’ve Marie Kondo-ed all your unworn clothes, you mustn’t go back to buying everything in sight. Here are some quick tips on how to create your very own ‘capsule cupboard’: 

  1. Define your style – Does having fewer clothes give you less outfits? In a way, yes, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With fewer items in your drawers you can really put some thought into what you wear and put together some classic looks that don’t go out of fashion every few months. Try and figure out your favourite colours and textures, and stick with them.

  2. Quality over quantity – One of reasons people throw out their clothes is because they’re badly made. Fast fashion is cheap for a reason – the quality can be terrible; colours run, fabrics tear, and hemlines fray. If you’re going to buy new clothes, be prepared to spend more money – they’ll last longer and will look better for it too.

  3. Buy pre-loved clothes – Not all of your clothes need to be brand-spanking new. Everyone knows you can find incredible pieces in vintage and charity shops, as well as everything that’s online. Not only can you stumble across your next favourite item, it’ll also be helping to save the planet. Win-win! 

Whilst there’s no set number on how many clothes you need, it’s best to keep it as small as possible. Having a wardrobe with a carefully curated selection of clothes is much better than one with a confused mass of unworn bits and pieces. With our little guide, hopefully you’ll be better able to choose the clothes that are right for you. 

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