15 Blazer Trends As Seen On Influencers

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Blazers are back for AW21. To celebrate, we've compiled our most coveted blazer outfits as worn by some of our favourite fashion influencers...

Blazers are the perfect choice for in-between weather, and as summer transitions into autumn, a boxy blazer can add a chic outer layer to a simple summer outfit. We took to Instagram to look for this year's blazer trends, and compiled this list of our favourites...

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15 Ways To Style Blazers, As Seen On Influencers

1. Alanna Doherty - Linen Blazer

Alanna Doherty's rainbow style is another win here, pairing a lime green linen blazer with a sunshine yellow dress and white boots. Linen blazers are incredibly versatile, and linen is one of the best fabrics to shop second-hand, so get thrifting!

2. Charlotte Buttrick - Oversized Beige Blazer

If you prefer more neutral colours, Charlotte Buttrick is another favourite fashion influencer of ours that we recommend following! Here she pairs a light brown blazer in an oversized style in multiple ways, demonstrating just how versatile the piece can be in any wardrobe.

3. Ruby Peng - Blazer With A Pop Of Pink

Somedays we like to dress in colour. Somedays we like to dress in monochrome. Here, Ruby Peng shows us how to do both and make it look perfect! We love this oversized cream blazer, with the double-breasted buttons, and how it pops with the punchy pink mini-skirt.

4. Nodreen K - Leather Belt, Leather Leggings

Nodreen K always looks dressed to the nine's, and her blazer outfit here is no exception. Pair a form-fitting blazer with leather-look leggings, heels, and a waist-cinching belt to recreate Nordreen's look.

5. Olivia Sullivan-Davis - Lady In Red

What goes well with a blazer? A matching pair of suit trousers. And Olivia Sullivan-Davis' all-red suit is just gorgeous! Whether you're wearing it to channel your inner politician (think AOC!) or to simply turn heads, an all-red suit is a gorgeous outfit.

6. Styled By Nana - Mellow Yellow Suit

Continuing with colourful suits, we had to include this sunshine yellow suit worn by Styled By Nana! We loved seeing Nana share her styling tips on This Morning and this suit shows how a well-fitted blazer and trousers can brighten up any simply white top. Make sure to pair with fun sandals and smile!

7. Maja Malnar - All-White Suit

We had to also add in Maja Malnar's gorgeous white suit here, to complement the previous two suits! Even if colour isn't your thing, an oversized suit could be. We especially love the details on this one - the high waisted trousers, drop shoulders, and five-button cuffs are gorgeous.

8. Kate Tik - Houndstooth Blazer

Kate Tik is a bit of a classic style icon, and she shows her fashion flair again here in a loud-print dogtooth blazer, with plain leggings and sky-high pointed heels. It's a simple look, but she gives it her usual glamour by choosing an interesting print, high quality hooped leggings, and a little clutch bag.

9. Amber Rose-Gill - Blazer Dress

Another outfit list, another entry for Amber-Rose Gill! We love her style and here, her celebrating her birthday in this blazer dress! A blazer-style dress is nothing new, put the lavender colour and bold styling certainly is. Wear it like Amber with sleek hair and a contrasting clutch bag.

10. Ellis Ranson - Bold Blazer, Basic Layers

How do you take an outfit from 0 to 100? With a blazer, as Ellis Ranson demonstrates here. The celebrity fashion stylist has taught us so much about styling, and here demonstrates how to take a simple pairing of a black tee and trousers, and amp it up with a bold blazer.

11. Jess Hunt - Blazer & Hoodie

With loungewear firmly being part of our wardrobes now, Jess Hunt shows how to pair old trends with new in this hoodie-blazer outfit. Take a heavyweight hoodie or sweatshirt and pair it with an oversized blazer, cycling shorts, and a luxury handbag to nail this look.

12. Lauren Nicole - Purple Blazer & Shorts

And here's another way to wear a blazer and shorts - as a paired suit duo! This outfit could be a good summation of fashion in 2021 - the sheer top, zebra print, colourful suit, and Lauren-Nicole's shining personality truly make this look.

13. Melis Ekrem - Cropped Blazer & Skirt Set

For a new-age spin on the traditional blazer, try a cropped version. This co-ord is a beautiful take on feminine tailoring, and Melis Ekrem pairs it beautifully with knee-high boots, sunglasses, and a simple shoulder bag.

14. Charlotte Emily Sanders - Minimal White Blazer

As a final look at minimal blazers, this white blazer worn by Charlotte Emily Sanders had to be featured. With a traditional length, feminine pinning, and padded shoulders, it's a classic piece that can be worn for decades. Charlotte brings it into 2021 with a pair of statement sunglasses, padded bag, and straight hair.

15. Nimi Blackwell - Tartan Blazer

We love Nimi Blackwell's monochromatic style, and here she pairs a loud-pattern with neutral layers to continue her typical minimalist style. Play with layers and showing skin while wearing a blazer - it makes it more fun!

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