Choosing The Perfect Bikini For Your Body Type

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Every woman is different, and finding a bikini that you feel and look great should be about highlighting your favourite features. The best news is that with so many styles available, there’s a bikini type for all of us. And if you’re looking for help narrowing down these options, you’ve come to the right place!

Shopping according to your body type is the best way to showcase your figure, which is why we’ve outlined our bikini style guide according to body types. But if you’d like to cover particular areas for any reason, we’ve got your back too. If this is you, scroll down to the bottom of this post; otherwise if you’re looking to shop according to bust and body type, keep reading... 

The Perfect Bikini According to Your Bust

Bigger Bust 

Bustier halters and deep V-necks are both cleavage-flattering and great for support. For supreme comfort and support, go for full cup styles with underwiring and wider fastening straps, and stretchy styles can be good to avoid edges digging in. Look for bikinis which come in bra sizes, or ones sold separately, as it’ll be easier to get the right size. 

    bra style bikini

    thick strap bikini top

    Smaller Bust 

    Choose bright prints, playful patterns and flirty frills to add volume to your boobs. Halter maillot style bikinis also look fantastic on a smaller chest. Or if you’re more comfortable with some added ‘oomph’; cup styles with padding are great. You can also pull off – in fact scrap that, look gorgeous in – a classic triangle bikini top, which isn’t true for all of us! 

      Perfect Bikini According to Body Type 

      Apple Shape 

      Slender hips with feminine, fuller busts and midriffs and gorgeous pins
      Celebrity idols: Drew Barrymore, Lena Dunham and Kimberly Walsh 
        • Top: Well-fitted halter tops lift and support your bust as well as elongating your torso, while thicker straps draw the eye upwards making your shoulders look narrower.
        • Bottoms: High-cut bottoms show off your slender hips and legs. And if you’d like help flattening your tummy, look for high-waisted bikini bottoms that end above the belly button. 


        Balanced yet curvy shape with a full bust, round hips and a beautifully defined waist
        Celebrity idols: Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Brooke 

        • Top: A classic bra-style top looks gorgeous on an hourglass frame. Those with a bigger bust might need support, so look for underwiring and wider fastening straps for supreme comfort. To add a bit of glam to your look, scout out some embellishment or detailing. 
        • Bottoms: Pairing a sweetheart neckline with high-waisted bikini bottoms looks stunning on an hourglass, creating a bombshell silhouette. High-cut shaped bottoms will also lengthen your legs and create a thigh slimming illusion.

        Pear Shape 

        Delicate shoulders, slim waists, wider hips and gorgeously curvy bums
        Celebrity idols: Beyonce, J-Lo and Rihanna 
          • Top: Halter neck and off-the-shoulder tops draw the eye upwards and accentuate slimmer waists of pear shapes. Similarly, look for mix and match bikinis – pairing a plain bottom with a colourful or patterned top will emphasise your bust, adding a visual balance to your gorgeous pear shape. 
          • Bottoms: If you’d like to elongate your legs, try high-cut bottoms. They’ll make you look taller and highlight your curves. 

          Heart Shape (also called carrot shaped and inverted triangle)

          Slender legs, narrow hips, a fuller bust and beautiful broad shoulders 
          Celebrity idol: Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell
            • Top: Reinforce your bust with under-wired tops and halter shapes – these are great for support and coverage as well as complimenting your heart shape beautifully. 
            • Bottoms: Like pears, you have the perfect shape to mix and match, so opt for colours and patterns on the bottom half to create a balanced visual frame. Horizontal stripes are also flattering on heart shapes, widening the hips and balancing the wider shoulders. 

            Petite and Boyish (also known as pencil and H shape)

            Athletic frame with narrow snake-like hips and waist 
            Celebrity idols: Kiera Knightly, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel
              • Top: Similarly to smaller busts, bold prints (particularly horizontal stripes), fun frills and padding add volume to your chest. Alternatively, take advantage of needing less support by trying out a bandeau or crop top style. When it comes to broader shoulders, thick straps are better than thin. But string bikinis also look great on narrow shoulders and hips. And why not show off that athletic and slender frame? 

              • Bottoms: Curve-enhancing monokinis or high-cut and tie sides with high-waisted bottoms, add definition to your hips and waist as well as highlighting long legs. Also try ruching and seaming as these can create curves. 

              Fuller Bums 

              Celebrity idols: JLo and Beyonce
                • Side tie bottoms are great, adding the ability to adjust the width according to size and coverage desired, while highlighting your bootylicious figure. Brazilian cuts give larger bums great shape while high-cut briefs are the best way to slim down (and simultaneously show off) a fuller derriere. 

                Smaller Bums

                Celebrity idols: Audrina Patridge and Victoria Beckham
                • Okay we’ve recommended them for bigger butts too, but brazillian cuts are actually great for adding shape to bottoms of all sizes. While they give larger bums great shape, they make a smaller derriere look fuller. Generally stay away from full-coverage bottoms and look for ones that reveal more like hipsters and sporty briefs. Another trick is frills, ruffles and scalloped edges to create more volume to your bottom half. 

                Perfect Bikini According to Coverage 

                Tummy Concealing 

                If you’d like to rock a bikini, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t because it’s possible to do so and achieve tummy coverage. Simply look for high-waisted bikini bottoms that end above the belly button.
                But if you’re looking to flatten or protect your tummy from the sun, a one-piece swimsuit will do just the job, and there are lots of different styles to suit all body types and preferences: 
                • Draw the eye away from the middle with flirty cut-outs or side ruching details
                • For extra support, look for one-pieces with control panels – you’d never know these swimsuits have hidden control because they look seriously sexy! 
                • If you’ve got an athletic shape, a plunging deep V neckline can be gorgeously flattering too. 

                Protection From The Sun

                • Looking to cool down and cover up (or maybe you need to step inside for a drink or snack)? Find a kaftan, wrap or beach dress. You might just end up loving them so much you wear them as day outfit even when you’re not planning on heading to the beach!

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