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Sometimes you just need to feel snug and comfy. You don’t want the tight jeans around your midriff, or the formality of a buttoned blouse. With so many of us either working from home or deciding that staying in is the new going out, women’s loungewear has rapidly developed into its own fashion category – and it has come a long way from just baggy t-shirts and saggy PJ bottoms. Indeed, it’s a category that you can get really excited about.

From a pair of cosy knitted leggings to wear in your home office never to be seen above the Zoom parapet, an oversized hoodie to snuggle up in for an indulgently lazy Sunday with a steaming mug of tea, to a coordinated jogging suit that’s smart enough to actually leave the house in. We have got a huge range of ladies loungewear ready to add to your wardrobe.

What is loungewear?


Loungewear is defined as casual, cosy clothing that’s designed for relaxing. If the first thing you do when you arrive home is whip off your jeans (and possibly your top, bra and makeup as well) and slip into something more comfortable, then you’re officially a loungewear lover and we welcome you to our tribe! It’s largely what you wear behind closed doors without going full steam ahead into nightwear.

We take our lounging very seriously and believe that it’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed when off duty, yet stylish enough to leave the house without getting changed if your bestie calls up to invite you out for an impromptu lunch date. That balance is quite a tightrope. 

If you’re new to the idea of loungewear – or simply want to expand your comfy clothing collection, then you’ve found the right place. We’re here to share with you the best loungewear brands in the UK and introduce you to a few must-have items that you’ll need for lounging around.

H&M ladies loungewear


H&M are one of our favourite affordable loungewear brands. With a selection of jumpers and joggers to relax and unwind in, you can glide effortlessly through the weekend in total comfort. Easy to get hold of, they are one of the most popular loungewear brands.

We love the H&M range as it hits that sweet spot between PJs and daywear, which means you can lounge without guilt. Even if you have to answer the front door, you’ll still look stylish.

Shop our H&M range of pre-loved loungewear with cosy pieces from a host of celebrities, fashionistas and influencers. Being a popular brand who loves their influencers, we tend to have good stock levels in H&M loungewear for a fraction of what it’d cost on the High Street.

Boohoo loungewear for women


Staying in never looked so good with Boohoo’s loungewear sets that are designed to see you through from breakfast ‘til bedtime. Upgrade your ‘at home wardrobe’ with pastel lounge sets, cropped hoodies and slouchy joggers.

Choose a chunky knit for winter days or give your laid-back look a modern twist with soft wide-leg trousers and a loose-fitting jersey t-shirt. Admittedly you’ll feel so snug it might be tricky to motivate yourself to do more than just love your sofa.

Boohoo also have a maternity loungewear range – and if anyone deserves to spend the weekend chilling out, mums-to-be should top the list every time. Choosing clothes during pregnancy can be tricky, but not so when it comes to Boohoo loungewear.

Luxurious loungewear from Zara  


For the ultimate in versatile loungewear that can be worn at home, on the school run or even for a casual get-together with the girls, Zara always come up trumps!

Treat yourself to a pair of the brand’s knitted slim-legged joggers with an elasticated cuff and waist. Team with a high-neck wool sweater for a mix-and-match look to suit your mood.

If you like your loungewear to be soft and snuggly (and who doesn’t?!), but with a little added sophistication, Zara’s loungewear pieces are a must-have for your wear-at-home wardrobe. It’s the way to balance the chill factor with your inner goddess.

Chill with Nasty Gal loungewear


Nasty Gal’s loungewear sets feature cropped sweatshirts and joggers in natural and muted colours that will take you from the sofa to the shops seamlessly. We love loungewear that we can head out of the house in without the shame of being judged for wearing our jammies! 

Choose from caramel-coloured knitted hoodies and drawstring trousers, or cute cable-knit cropped tops and shorts. Then settle down with a bucket of popcorn for an indulgent Netflix night-in.

I Saw It First ladies loungewear


For loungewear with a slightly edgy style, I Saw It First offer cropped leggings, cargo tops and oversized sweater dresses with huge pockets in which to store your phone and important snacks (we won’t judge!)

We love how versatile the range is, and their super-soft knitted jogging suits are our preferred outfit for travelling. Style the look with chunky trainers and a cap if you’re catching a long-haul flight or dress down with slippers and a ponytail for a lazy Sunday at home. 

Missguided’s work from home wardrobe


From basic joggers to chic jumpsuits, Missguided has all the comfortable clothing you need. Whether it’s working from home (you only need to look smart from the waist up, right?) or running errands, these wardrobe wonders will let you leap into your comfort zone.

Browse our Missguided ladies’ loungewear styles and treat yourself to a little TLC in the form of a cosy onesie or velour trousers.

Lounge in style this weekend

If you’ve got no plans this weekend other than bingeing on a box set, snoozing on the sofa and living your best life in loungewear – then we salute you (and are frankly a teeny bit envious!)

Shop the Reliked loungewear range of pre-loved joggers, sweatshirts and oversized hoodies from the UK’s top fashion influencers and celebrities, and treat yourself to the perfect blend of chic, yet comfortable, ladies loungewear.

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