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Whether you can’t wait until your next holiday comes around, you want some escapism from everyday life, or you want some wanderlust inspo to whet the appetite, travel influencers can help.

Some of the top travel influencers exploring the world are from the UK. So, here we champion and share some of the best travel influencers to follow. Read on to take a trip that will leave you feeling inspired.

What is a travel influencer?

A travel influencer is an individual with a passion for travel and a flair for showing destinations in a captivating way, who creates engaging content to share on social media channels. They are skilled at promoting destinations, but also the products and services used when travelling – helping others to share in the experience. 

At Reliked, we obviously love to focus on our fashion influencers, but who do we consider to be the best travel influencers in the UK?


1. Kelsey in London

Kelsey in London is one of our favourite female travel influencers. Based in London, she captures her travels in the capital, but also the world beyond. Our favourite destinations that she has travelled to include: Mauritius, Florida, Cornwall and Normandy. 



We love how Kelsey’s content exudes luxury and she has a real passion for supporting other women. As a preloved fashion brand, we appreciate Kelsey’s focus on style within travel too.  


2. Postcards by Hannah

Talented behind the camera lens, Hannah of Postcards by Hannah inspires wanderlust in all of us with beautiful posts of places such as Portofino, Tuscany and Dresden. Her travel imagery focuses on stunning scenery, outstanding architecture, delicious food and her adorable cocker spaniel called Baxter. 



With a background in the luxury travel industry, she’s an expert at creating and sharing itineraries to help you with your planning. 


3. Emily Luxton

Emily Luxton, or Em, marvels her Instagram followers with fabulous exploits in places as diverse as Sri Lanka and Reykjavik. Down to earth and free of pretensions, she also has one of the best travel blogs around.



Her specialism is female solo travel, inspiring other women to have the confidence to travel alone. Alongside this, we love her in-depth foodie guides to getting the best out of a destination when it comes to your taste buds.


4. Anoushka Kalila

Anoushka Kalila manages to seamlessly blend the guise of fashion and travel blogger. In a single image she can be inspiring us to get acquainted with elephants in Thailand at the same time as inspiring us to wear this season’s pure white lace style! 



Anoushka is based in London and often puts fashion at the heart of her adventures around the globe in destinations such as Paris, Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Colombia. Check out her city guides for some great inspo. 


5. Hand Luggage Only

With many loyal  followers, Hand Luggage Only guys Yaya and Lloyd are some of the biggest Instagram travel influencers in the UK. Yaya and Lloyd remain true to their 2014 start-up roots of sharing their travel photos with like-minded others. 



We feel really connected to their stories because in each post, you can see that they truly love what they do. We’ve been treated to sharing in their recent excursions to Sardinia, Florida and Venice as well as closer to home trips in the Cotswolds and Venice. 


6. Abena – Travelling Tuesdays

Abena, the face behind Travelling Tuesdays, has one of the most fabulously styled and coloured Insta feeds we know of! We could spend hour upon hour scrolling her feed!



Somehow, despite adventures in locations as diverse as Saudi Arabia, NYC, Poland and Copenhagen, she gives us a real feast for the eyes by sticking to a striking palette of orange, browns and turquoise. You’ll get lost in the beauty of looking at her imagery and feel enthused at her passion for travel. 


7. Anna – No Space In My Passport

Fun-loving Anna of No Space in My Passport shares her wonderful trips to places such as Cappadocia, Istanbul, Sri Lanka and Marrakech. Originally from Georgia, she is now based in London and shares some fantastic tips and tricks for making travelling experiences the best they can be. 



With over 35 countries racked up and a passion for showing places and fashion at their best, it’s no surprise that Anna from No Space In My Passport is one of the most loved travel influencers in the UK. 


8. Nikita Bathia

With captivating and dreamy photos, Nikita Bathia is one of our favourite luxury travel influencers in the UK. Her ability to bring stunning destinations to life using her own flair for luxury fashion as the ignition is enticing and evocative. 



Her ethos centres on the triad of travel, fashion and lifestyle and she brings them together in her own unique and personal brand. Unbelievably, Nikita is a dentist by day, but we’re glad she brings us her fashion and travel odysseys by night.


9. Joy of Exploring the World

With clever and striking palette shifts throughout the seasons, the Joy of Exploring the World channel is a treat to look at. Joy – the name and face of the channel – shares with us beautiful pictures and stories from around London and the globe. 



Her photos and posts will have you wishing to explore London at a deeper level as well as hopping aboard a plane to destinations such as Bangkok and Portugal. 


10. Where Jess Travels

Jess, of Where Jess Travels, is quite unique amongst many travel influencers in that she largely allows the photos of her destinations to do the talking without her taking centre stage. 



There’s an authenticity to Jess’s content that is refreshing and inspiring. Her feed is currently populated with wonderful visits to places as diverse as Mallorca, Abu Dhabi, Marrakech, Somerset and Bristol! 


Travelling should be done in style! For inspo from your favourite fashion influencers and a chance to buy their pre-loved items for your next travel experience, it’s time to get browsing through our latest stock.

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