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When it comes to sustainable fashion, one quick and easy way to refresh your wardrobe is through purchasing second-hand clothing. It's cheap, often in brilliant condition, and there are so many places to find them.

Here at Reliked, we like to celebrate being part of the second-hand fashion space. We sell pre-loved clothes from over 200+ VIBs (that's Very Important Bloggers) on our site, ranging from high street to high end. And the best part? Many of the items are in perfect condition and brand new, with style inspo from some of the best fashion influencers!

Read on to find out where to find the best second-hand fashion in the UK, and our favourite websites and apps to look on.


Our favourite second-hand fashion sites in the UK

When it comes to shopping for second-hand clothing, these sites are our top picks:

  • ASOS Vintage - Vintage pieces from individual sellers
  • Beyond Retro - Retro and re-made garments
  • Cudoni - Luxury resale site for members only
  • Frockery - Retro dresses and vintage items
  • Reliked - Shop influencers' pre-loved clothes, bags, shoes, and beauty
  • Reliked Luxury - Luxury and designer picks from style influencers
  • Edit Second Hand - Hand chosen second-hand designer find 
  • The Dresser - Couture and vintage designer shop
  • Hardly Ever Worn It - Independent site selling almost new designer items
  • Loopster - Second-hand children's clothing
  • Oxfam - Online charity shopping
  • Vide Dressing - Portal for designer and luxury pre-worn fashion

We love all of these sites because they are easy to navigate and sort through. In fact, they may make second-hand shopping even easier than if they were stores! On top of this, they are all creating a more circular economy by increasing the popularity of second-hand clothing, and reducing the amount of clothes that go to landfill each year.

If you're looking to support charity when shopping for second-hand, stick to Reliked, where a percentage of every sale (between 5-100%) goes to charity, or sites like Oxfam, with all the proceeds going to charitable causes.


Our favourite second-hand apps in the UK

If you prefer second-hand shopping direct from your phone, these apps are a must:

  • eBay - Large auction site selling all types of fashion
  • Reliked - Shop influencers' pre-loved clothes, bags, shoes, and beauty
  • Vestiaire Collective - Big resales site for luxury brands
  • Vinted - Online marketplace for second-hand clothes

We recommend downloading all of these, and spending time scrolling through each until you find the perfect pieces to revamp your wardrobe with!


Top tips for shopping for second-hand fashion

If you're new to shopping second-hand, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Look out for the composition of the item - this will tell you what it's made from, and how to best look after it (for example, washing at a low temperature).
  • Check whether the item is brand new or not - at Reliked, we put a special pink 'Brand New' tag on items that are still new with tags. 
  • Set yourself a budget - you'll be surprised at how far it goes compared to buying new items.
  • When you get your pre-loved pieces, tailor them to your body shape and style! Add a belt or some jewellery, or even get them altered to really suit you.
  • And finally, if you're saying goodbye to items in your wardrobe, try reselling them too! This reduces the number of clothes going to landfill. If you're an influencer, you can also start selling through Reliked!


Check out our full range of second-hand and pre-loved clothes from your favourite influencers.

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