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This article won’t send you off to the Land of Nod, but we take our sleep very seriously. There is truly little that beats the feeling of slipping into our PJs and pulling up the duvet for a snooze. We aren’t alone with dashing home at the end of the day, eager to wrap up snug in the comfiest clothes of all. With so many sleepwear companies out there it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding on the best nightwear brands.

We’ve never needed a reason to stay warm and cosy in bed – so if you’re like us and want to get snuggled up in some stylish sleepwear, read on to discover our guide to the best nightwear and sleepwear brands in the UK today. Why not get a warming cup of cocoa to enjoy as we’re sure you’re going to want to dive into some browsing too!

Slip into silky-soft sleepwear

Silk pyjamas, satin nightshirts and soft sleepwear sets are our favourite forms of night attire for their pure decadence and luxury. They provide the ultimate in comfort while letting your skin breathe, so you’ll stay cool – and stylish – while you slumber. They often ensure you look your sexiest too while providing the snug comfort you actually want from your PJs!




Looking for luxury nightwear brands? Here are our favourites:

Olivia Von Halle

British designer Olivia Von Halle tops our list of UK sleepwear brands, providing an opulent blend of silk and cotton-silk nightwear that blurs the line between sleepwear and style. Choose her items when you want a sensual luxurious option for getting under the covers or dozing off on the sofa.

Celebrities including Gigi Hadid, Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez have all been seen sporting Olivia Von Halle’s creations – which is a good enough endorsement for us!

Need another reason to treat yourself to the perfect PJs? Olivia chooses to partner with heritage industries and only uses natural materials for her sleepwear – so you can feel snug and stylish while supporting sustainability. It’s a win-win.

Shop Olivia Von Halle sleepwear


Never underestimate the power of a luxury sleepwear set! We guarantee you’ll sleep well every night when you slip into a pair of Coast’s satin PJ shorts and top. It doesn’t need to be summer time to enjoy a relaxed short-legged, short-sleeved style. Sometimes you just want the freedom as you bound around your own home.

Are you a fidgety sleeper? Coast’s satin sleepwear sets are loose enough to give you the freedom to move in your sleep without getting tangled if you toss and turn. Cosy up in Coast’s range of sleep separates and timelessly elegant plush pyjamas and enjoy an amazing night’s sleep.

Shop Coast sleepwear sets




Dolce and Gabbana

If you’re used to flopping into bed in an oversized t-shirt and old gym shorts, then it’s time to up your nightwear game with a pair of 100% silk, luxury PJs from Dolce and Gabbana. We can absolutely guarantee that you won’t look back – indeed you’ll wonder why you made do with such poor sleepwear for so long!

Crafted from exquisite soft silk, the very act of pulling on a pair of these sumptuous designer pyjamas will help to signal to your body that it’s almost time to sleep. And if you’re not tired, they also make the perfect loungewear for cosy evenings at home or lazy Sunday mornings.

Shop Dolce and Gabbana nightwear


Asceno is a brand that creates women’s nightwear designed to inspire relaxed confidence. Their silk pyjamas and nightshirts are effortlessly elegant and ethically produced from 100% natural, breathable fibres.

The Asceno range is designed to be mixed and matched, so you can invest in a silk nightshirt this season, safe in the knowledge that you can add to your sleepwear collection in the future and still ooze style when you snooze. This concept works so well that we think they’re onto something with a capsule approach to nightwear!

Shop sustainable Asceno sleepwear

Love Stories

Specialising in women’s nightwear and intimate clothing, anyone who has slept in Love Stories sleepwear will know they offer a fabulous night’s sleep, plus sheer softness and style. 

The brand creates feminine nightwear sets, printed dressing gowns and satin night dresses which they want you to love wearing just as much as your favourite dress. We’re pretty sure they’ve succeeded! Whether you opt for PJs, shorts or a slinky camisole-style nightdress, each piece is truly a treat to slip into at the end of a busy day.

Shop luxury Love Stories nightwear


Polish brand Hibou was created in 2014 with one simple aim – to provide simplicity and comfort to sleepwear. What’s not to love?!

With a collection of beautiful nighties, organic cotton pyjamas and sleepwear separates, they provide elegant, yet affordable items designed to flatter and give you the feel-good factor every time you jump between the sheets. You’ll love them so much you won’t actually want to turn the light out and miss a moment.

Shop Hibou sleepwear



Sleep like a celebrity

What we love most of all about our pick of 2022's best nightwear brands is how versatile they are. Of course, they are perfect for sleeping in, but they also provide the ultimate in loungewear and are even smart enough to wear when working from home in some cases. 

Our Reliked influencers are always happy to share their best-loved brands with their fans, and our shop features plenty of sleepwear inspiration from some of our favourite fashionistas. We know that you’ll have as much fun perusing the nightwear offerings as much as you do picking a dress or a new favourite bag.

So, if you’d like to steal the style of ex-Pussycat Doll singer Ashley Roberts, imitate fashion blogger Ingrid Wilkinson’s night-time attire or want to know what MTV presenter Lauren Causer wears between the sheets – then visit our Reliked sleepwear shop and prepare yourself for the best night’s sleep you have ever had!

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