7 best fitness influencers and bloggers to follow

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Need inspiration? Want to know what’s hot in the fitness world? Looking for fitness wear that’s bang on trend? Following fitness influencers online can provide the motivation you need to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and reach your fitness goals. Or, at the very least, browsing their feeds can make you feel that you’re working up your motivation from the couch!

But with so many Instagram fitness influencers on the scene, how can you be sure you’re following the most inspirational trainers and bloggers? To help you narrow down your search, here’s our recommendation of the top UK fitness influencers you need in your feed.


Ellie Hoad – @ellena_fit




Ellie Hoad is a women’s online fitness coach with almost 250k followers on Instagram. We love her as she believes that you should never have to sacrifice your favourite foods to get fit – and that sounds like our kind of fitness regime! She’s inspiring and gently keeps you on track without the bossiness or judgmental feel that you sometimes come across.

Her Insta feed offers fitness advice, plus nutritional tips, pre-workout snack ideas and recipes to ensure you can enjoy the foods you love – while working towards your fitness goals. Everything looks great and is easy to recreate in your own life. 

Ellie also offers membership to her online coaching and private Facebook group where prizes are awarded for completing weekly fitness challenges, should you wish to take things to the next level.


Grace Beverley – @gracebeverley




Entrepreneur Grace Beverly is the founder and CEO of TALA, where you can purchase sustainable activewear styles including soft comfortable sports bras, shorts and leggings. Knowing that you can see the gear in action is half of the appeal. This busy lady also runs Shreddy, a female fitness app that has already helped 33k women to reach their health-related goals. She’s definitely rocking an active life.

Her Instagram feed is packed with fitness tips, helpful advice on time management and details of her vegan diet. With over a million followers – and at just 24 years old – Grace is one of the most influential fitness bloggers in the UK today. She’ll make you feel that you can do it too – just get started.


Calum Best – @mrcalumbest




Originally known for his modelling and TV presenting work, Calum Best is also a fashion icon and fitness influencer who promotes mindfulness and motivation. We love his approach to whole body wellness and find it really inspiring.

Over the past few years, Calum has transformed his lifestyle and upped his fitness regime to change his diet, lifestyle and wellbeing for the better. His 1 million followers can share his continuing journey (and trips to the tattoo parlour) alongside videos of his gym workouts, plus his love of football and fine clothes. It’s impressive stuff!


Rowan Row – @rowanrow




Rowan Row is a gym savvy UK influencer and men’s fashion icon who enjoyed a successful modelling and dancing career before becoming a respected diet and fitness instructor.

Followers can subscribe to one of Rowan’s three fitness plans – The Shred Plan, The Bulking Plan or The Abs Plan – to help them stay motivated and work out safely and effectively. Over on his Insta feed, Rowan also shares his favourite fitness retreat destinations and some stylish fashion inspiration for men. This is one for those who are dedicated and ready to get pumping. 


Tom Daley – @tomdaley




Following an Olympic gold medal winner is a sure-fire way to reach your fitness goals. Diver Tom Daley is an ambassador athlete for Adidas and shares his home workouts and training schedule with his 3.4 million Insta followers. It’s a fascinating insight into his life and works to motivate you too.

Tom also hosts a YouTube channel, where viewers can join in his workout routines and discover his diet and nutrition tips – plus his well-documented fondness for knitting! 

As well as a large library of online content, Tom has also published two books: Tom’s Daily Plan and Tom’s Daily Goals which focus on leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. Getting Tom involved in your fitness plan is sure to be the influence you really need.


Annie Openshaw – @annieopenshaw




If you are serious about workouts but need a little motivation to kick-start your regime, then Annie Openshaw should be at the top of your ‘must follow’ list of fitness influencers. She’s devised a 12-week fitness plan which works your upper and lower body and core muscles. The plan is also accompanied by a high protein recipe book that focuses on simple, yet healthy, meals. It’s a whole system approach which we’ll all benefit from.

Over on The Gram, Annie’s followers are regularly treated to her fitness hacks and free HIIT and core workouts along with ideas for fast and delicious protein-packed meals that can be whipped up after training has finished. It’s a pleasure to see her posts in your feed!


Gabby Allen – @gabbydawnallen



As one of the stars of the 2017 season of Love Island, Gabby Allen is a TV personality who understands the importance of looking and feeling body confident.

Gabby is now an Insta sensation who shares fitness, food and fashion ideas with her 1.1 million followers. She has launched her own workout app ‘Shape Up With Gabby Allen,’ which offers members short and intense five-minute routines that work out the abs, butt, legs and arms for maximum impact. There’s no excuse for not fitting those in!

Her Instagram feed features HIIT circuit workouts that are designed to put participants through their paces with box jumps, burpees and dumbbell work. Phew!


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All the UK fitness influencers we’ve featured are also style icons in their own right, combining fitness and fashion effortlessly. 

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