These Are The Best Fabrics To Shop Second-Hand

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Looking for high quality fashion, at second-hand prices? By checking on fabric composition, you can cut out the bobbly jumpers and find more beautiful pieces...

Thrift shopping is a bit of an art. It's even more of an art when thrift shopping online! However, here at Reliked it's our mission to encourage more second-hand purchases. It's great for the environment, it's great for your purse strings, and it's great for updating your wardrobe too. So, how do you find the best garments? Our little hack is to look for the fabric labels - these will show you the quality of garments far quicker than brand names and seasonal designs!

And of course, everything sourced from our Influencers is vetted and checked before we upload it - meaning you can #WearTheirWardrobe with confidence!

5 Of The Best Fabrics To Shop Second-Hand

So, you're looking for good quality second-hand fashion. Here's a list of fabrics to look for, and the reasons why they are better investments that will give you a good quality fit and plenty of wears...

1. Linen

Linen is a natural fibre, and one that has been used in clothes making for thousands of years. It's still used in so many ways in fashion - from light summer dresses through to sturdy suits, linen is super versatile. And, linen can actually be worth more when it's second-hand! The more a linen item is worn, the softer the material becomes, making it even more comfortable and light on the skin. Look for linen when shopping for summer clothes, or consider linen outerwear like trench coats for autumn and winter seasons.

2. Leather

Leather is a dreamy material when purchased second-hand. Think leather shoes, leather bags, leather belts... It's a hardy material and one that holds its shape and shine over time. While leather might not be a very sustainable material when sourced first-hand, it's a great option for second-hand shopping.

3. Denim

What's better than a new pair of jeans? An old pair of jeans - vintage Levi's are a classic for a reason! Denim is another hardy material and one that looks great over time, developing a natural wash and wear marks that add character. Just make sure to measure up before purchasing second-hand jeans - it's good to know your waist and leg measurements to ensure a great fit. Check out our guide to vintage denim and jeans for more tips!

4. Silk

Unliked the above fabrics, silk is a delicate material, but one that holds a lot of value! Shopping for silk items second-hand can save a lot of £££. Plus with homeware now available on Reliked you could snap up a silk pillowcase for a fraction of the retail price! If you're dipping into second-hand fashion for the best savings on investment pieces, be sure to check out our guide to designer fashion and find out which brands are the most valuable!

5. Wool

Next up: wool. With the cooler weather rolling in, wool is a great investment piece, and one that holds its value, similar to silk. Just make sure that the shape of second-hand woollen garments have been maintained - wool can be pulled or flattened with an iron (shudder). We recommend looking for woollen coats and jackets, or searching for cashmere, mohair, merino, and similar high-price wools when shopping second-hand, so you can get the best quality piece for a lower price.

Find The Best Second-Hand Fashion on Reliked

Here at Reliked we work with some of the UK's top fashion influencers to resell their wardrobes and donate to charity in the process! We vet the clothes, accessories, beauty products, and more that are listed on our site, and we provide descriptive listings so you can shop with confidence. Get more inspiration on the V.I.Blog or start shopping by Influencer here!

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