15 best activewear brands

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Are you looking for the best activewear brands in the UK? We guide you through the very best activewear brands to help you stay fashionable as well as fit. We share 12 compelling reasons to buy second hand clothes – from saving money to helping the environment and everything in between.

Whether you want to be active and put your clothes to a rigorous test of durability and strength, or you simply like to lounge about in the comfiest figure hugging gear, you need to know which activewear brands to consider and trust. Here we look at our favourite UK activewear brands so that you can choose the very best activewear on the market.

Best activewear brands

1. Adidas

Unsurprisingly, Adidas kicks off our list of the best activewear brands. Renowned for being comfy, versatile and hard-wearing, Adidas activewear is making a comeback as a must-have for many. The three stripes are iconic, and this German manufacturer has a huge UK and global presence and following. Adidas has a stylish Stella McCartney range which we absolutely love.


2. Alo Yoga

Roll out your yoga mat and strike your favourite poses with activewear from Alo Yoga. One of the best women’s activewear brands from the birthplace of healthy living in Los Angeles, Alo Yoga offers bright mood-boosting designs and seriously comfy gear.

Get into a downward dog while keeping everything in place with an ALO YOGA ATHLETIC HEATHER WELLNESS BRA.

3. Sweaty Betty

Undoubtedly one of the best activewear brands in the UK and much-loved by the crowds is Sweaty Betty. Designed by women who sweat for women who sweat, you’ve got to love this approach to a woman’s active wardrobe.

Learn to love fitness in leggings that really fit with SWEATY BETTY CARDINAL RED WORKOUT LEGGINGS.

4. Silou

Another yoga wear brand that has a place in our heart is London-based Silou. Started by a real-life yoga teacher, Phoebe Greenacre, you can be sure that the pieces really work when put to the test on the mat. What’s more, Silou is a sustainable brand, proud of its commitment to the planet. If it is luxury and sustainability you’re after, then Silou should be your pick.



Eminently affordable and ultra-practical, ASOS is a well-known high street activewear brand. If you’re looking for some classic and minimalist basics then the ASOS own sportswear will do the job.

You can’t go wrong with an ASOS WHITE RACER BACK VEST.

6. Cos

Cos is a Scandi brand known for its simplicity and functionality. You see those principles in their activewear and there’s definitely a big focus on comfort.

Choose activewear as loungewear with these COS CREAM DRAWSTRING TROUSERS.

7. Ellesse

Ellesse matches fashion and comfort and you could easily wear many of their activewear pieces straight out onto the street without having to break a sweat. Expect lots of cool retro vibes with classic comfy cuts.

Look cool at the gym or out with friends with this ELLESSE WHITE CAMPIONESSA DRESS.

8. H&M

Sometimes you just can’t beat the offerings of H&M. These Swedish no-fuss items can firmly become your activewear staples. They do the basics really well and if you find yourself going through your gym clothes fast, then they offer an affordable way to do that.

What’s not to love about putting on this fabulous H&M ORANGE OVERSIZED HOODIE on the way to the gym?

9. New Balance

New Balance is gaining more and more of a name for itself. They do affordable but high quality trainers brilliantly, but they also offer excellent leggings, crop tops and tank tops that are perfect for pretty much any sport or workout.

Pop on these NEW BALANCE BURGUNDY WL574 TRAINERS and be comfy, supported, and look great.

10. Nike

Let’s face it, we probably only have activewear thanks to Nike and they still lead the game. They make you feel like you can do it, whether that’s a stroll to get some fresh air or a marathon in a world-famous city. From breathable shorts to basic tees, they’ve got every aspect of activewear covered.

Just Do It with these gorgeous and functional NIKE DARK PURPLE DRI-FIT LEGGINGS.

11. Under Armour

When it comes to activewear, Under Armour is a big name and with good reason. Again, Under Armour items look as in place during a heavy-going workout as they do down the pub, or simply chilling with your friends. Their clothing is fabulously tough but also top notch when it comes to breathability.

Make a favourite of this UNDER ARMOUR BLACK HOODIE TOP.

12. Lorna Jane

Think luxury, think comfort and think fabulous looks with Lorna Jane activewear. Designed to boost confidence, most of us could say that we need that when working out. Being a female-owned brand, balancing functionality, quality and style, this is about flattering activewear that is refreshing and striking.

Challenge yourself and succeed in these LORNA JANE BLACK/WHITE ACTIVEWEAR LEGGINGS.

13. PE Nation

Kelsey Wells and Kayla Itnes are two influencers who have got us utterly hooked on PE Nation pieces. These activewear items are designed to work hard. Intended to help you through sweaty HIIT and strength training, you can be sure that they are really up to the job. Expect fun, confident and colourful pieces.

Feel bold when working out in these PE NATION BLACK RED STRIPE RUNNING LEGGINGS.

14. Pocket Sport

Pocket Sport is definitely a UK activewear brand that you should keep your eye on. The designs are by Louise Thompson (Made in Chelsea) and the brand is becoming known for bright and bold colours alongside functional great-looking sets.

Head down to the studio in these POCKET SPORT ULTRAVIOLET CLAUDE SHORTS.

15. Varley

They may be designed in the States, but Varley produces their pieces in London using Italian fabrics. Known as a luxurious and sustainable brand, you can expect distinct pieces alongside true classics such as racerbacks and jogging bottoms.

Have fun staying healthy with these VARLEY WHITE TIE DYE SHORTS.

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