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The sun has been tantalising us with some balmy summer-like days, and trips to the seaside are edging within reach. We’re looking forward to summer holidays abroad – for many of us, for the first time in years. 

You need to be beach-ready, kitted out with the best beachwear staples. From beachwear cover ups to children’s beachwear, we list everything you need for packing your beach bag.

The case for designer beachwear

Before we kick off with all the different types of beachwear you need, whoever you are, let’s just quickly chat about luxury beachwear. Beachwear is quite different from other clothing types. It needs to withstand sand and sun, and of course the salty sea. Generally speaking, the items are smaller and lighter weight too, ensuring you’re beach ready! 

When you opt for cheaper beachwear, it’s unlikely to last or hold its shape. Designer and luxury beachwear ensures you look and feel fabulous, strutting your stuff with confidence on the shoreline.

Types of beachwear

There are many different types of beachwear that you need to consider. Plan your beachwear shopping list around beachwear trends, but remember that while style is important at the beach, practicalities are just as important. As such, we are going to look at what ladies, men, teens and children need for the next trip to the beach.

Ladies beachwear

For ladies, beachwear should be exciting and striking, but also comfortable to ensure that you feel at ease in your skin. You need the following key items:

Bathing suit

Your number one item to pack when heading for the beach should be a bikini or swimming costume. Opt for something stylish which also makes you feel comfortable and confident. If a bikini isn’t your thing, then choose a one piece.

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Sarong or cover-up

Whether you want to protect your skin from the sun, head up to the bar for a cooling cocktail, or simply want to look glam as you wander along the shoreline, you’ll need something to pop on over your bikini. Cover ups are loved by everyone, from bigger ladies to smaller ladies and everyone in between!

Cover ups are big amongst the top beachwear trends as they are so easy to grab and go. Maxi dresses also work very well as they are quick to use cover ups.


Don’t forget the accessories when it comes to beachwear! Top of the list should be a pair of sunglasses. This isn’t just about looking beautiful but also ensuring you can manage the glare that’s dazzling on white sand and bright water. 

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The other important beachwear accessory is a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, shoulders and chest from the strongest sun. 

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You’ve got to get to and from the beach! And for toilet trips, you’ll need something on your feet. A simple pair of flip flops is often the easiest for slipping on and off at the beach. 

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Lastly, you’ll need clothes for coming to and from the beach. A maxi dress can work brilliantly as a cover-up, as well as a great item of clothing to wear to the beach. Alternatively, a light cotton dress, or shorts and a tank top will have you looking fabulous as you hit the boardwalk. 

Men’s beachwear

Now it’s the men’s turn – here’s what you should pack for the beach:

Board shorts

Choose board shorts which look incredible but are also well-made for beach fun. Designer board shorts can also be smart beachwear, suitable for heading to the coolest cocktail bar without having to change – as long as they’re not wet!

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Sunglasses and hats

The gents too need their sunglasses and hats. Look cool with preloved designer sunglasses and hats.

Clothes and shoes

The guys need to think about what to wear to and from the beach too. A t-shirt works well as a cover-up, paired with the boardies. You can also bring along a pair of shorts for changing. Flip flops ensure you can dash to get the drinks, or navigate the shingle stretch.

Children’s and teen’s beachwear

Teen beachwear is all about looking fabulous, feeling confident, and having the best time. Of course, they may want more modest beachwear, or they may want to dare to be bare, so support your teens with what they will feel most comfortable in. Encourage them to protect their young skin from the sun with the most stylish cover-ups. 

Younger children need quite a different approach and girls’ and boys’ beachwear is about enabling stylish and comfortable play, while fully protecting them from the sun. Make sure you have:

Bathing suit or all in one suit with UV protection

Little ones need you to protect their sensitive skin from the harsh effects of the sun, especially at the beach. Of course, you’ll be slathering on the sunscreen, but to ensure their skin is kept safe, use a UV sun protection suit. 


If you’ve opted for a bathing suit or trunks then make sure you’ve got something to cover them up with. For boys, a fun and bright t-shirt can do the trick. For girls, the same or a jersey dress with shoulder cover will work. 




Little kids are less likely to keep their sunglasses on. By all means encourage them to wear stylish sunnies, but definitely insist on a hat. Choose a hat which is easy to play in, such as a cap, but the bigger the brim, the better.

Clothes and shoes

Pick easy to change clothes for their beachwear. A good parenting hack is to also bring their pyjamas to the beach. Nip to the showers after a day of fun and sand, and get them changed into the PJs for the journey home. 

When it comes to shoes, opt for ones that are easy to wear but comfy. Older children may be happy with flip-flops but many younger ones find them difficult to walk and play in and will do better with a slip-on espadrille or sandal.

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Have fun buying your designer beachwear and don’t break the bank by choosing preloved with Reliked!

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