12 Stylish Mum Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram

Besma Whayeb ·

Looking for stylish mum fashion? Mummy bloggers have taken the Instagram world by storm, with their posts on family life and their gorgeous wardrobes alike (and even matching outfits with their children!)

We've compiled some of our favourite influencer mums to follow on Instagram right here. Plus, you can even shop their wardrobes on ebloggers!

Check out these 'cool mum' influencers who enjoy dressing themselves as much as they do their little ones!


Ferne McCann (@fernemccann)

Ferne McCann is a model, T.V. personality, and presenter, with a gorgeous sense of style and beautiful family to boot!

Ferne is best known for her role in The Only Way Is Essex, and has an impressive Instagram following with over 2.6 million followers!

Shop Ferne McCann's fashion and wardrobe here →


Lillie Lexie (@lillielexie)

Lillie Lexie is a fashion designer and stylist from Birmingham, who calls herself a 'proud mama' and certainly looks the part with her little one right here!

Lillie's love of fashion and family makes for the perfect feed to follow for both style and sweet stories of her family life.

Shop Lillie Lexie's pre-loved style here →


 Emma Worthington (@swoon_love)


Emma Worthington is a UK based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger with the handle @swoon_love. She loves sharing everything she swoons over on her feed, including her beautiful daughter and their matching outfits!

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Hollie Burgess (@hollieplus)


Hollie Burgess (@hollieplus as she's known on Instagram) is a Nottingham-based fashion, beauty, and family blogger. Her plus-size style and beautiful family shots had her make Mother & Baby's ‘Mum List’ in 2019, and it shows with her following of over 32k people.

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Vogue Williams (@voguewilliams)


Vogue Williams is an Irish model, television & radio personality, and a DJ. Vogue is also the mum of her son, T, who often features in her posts, as well as her partner Spencer Matthews. As the Trustee of the Michael Matthews Foundation, a charity that funds education projects in Africa and Asia, all proceeds from the sales of her wardrobe on Reliked are donated to the charity.

Shop Vogue William's wardrobe (with all proceeds donated to charity) here →


Naomi Genes (@naomigenes)


Naomi Genes is a British fashion and lifestyle influencer and YouTuber, as well as a proud mama. She shares pics of her and her baby Nola on her feed (as well as her second feed, @mynolagirl).
Naomi has built an amazing global following of over 840k followers on Instagram through her love of sharing her favourite looks, outfit trends and beauty secrets.  All with her daughter in tow!



Emma McVey (@emma_jane1392)


Emma McVey is a model and Instagram influencer - you may recognise her after a brief appearance on The Only Way is Essex!

Emma regularly shares updates of her two children and partner, Gaz Beadle, including their cute clothes, toys, and more to her 900k followers on Instagram. 

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Millie Mackintosh (@milliemackintosh)


Millie Mackintosh is a TV personality star best known for appearing in Made in Chelsea. She has since become a Instagram sensation where she shares Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle posts with her 1.4M followers.

We loved the pregnancy fashion picks she shared, and now we adore seeing the sweet clothes she dresses her little one in.

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Flavia Stuttgen (@flaviastuttgen)


Flavia Stuttgen is a London-based Instagram influencer who is well known for turning her passion for fashion into a business. She styles herself and her friends and family in bold, bright, and beautiful outfits. She has since become an Instagram sensation with over 127k followers!

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Natasha Grano (@natashagrano)


Natasha Grano is another London-based mummy, model and fashion influencer. She shares her flamboyant designer style as well as the stylings she picks for her son Rio on her grid.

Shop Natasha Grano's clothes and accessories here →


Leila K (@leviankash)


Mummy influencer Leila K is the founder of acclaimed jewellery brand 'LeiVanKash'. She regularly shares her luxe outfits, jewellery and lifestyle posts with her 57k Instagram followers.

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Laura Wills (@thefashionbugblog)


Laura Wills is a London-based mummy blogger and Instagram influencer who has a passion for matching outfits and pops of pink across her feed. Laura's sweet styling and beautiful life has earned her over 340k followers. She is always keeping us inspired with her daring and colourful wardrobe!

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